Sawyer Howitt on Playing Racquetball like a Professional

Most racquetball enthusiasts strive to become professional players. Although this is an impressive goal, not many people are ready to put in the time and effort required to become a pro. Those who persevere and practice patience become successful in the sport. So, how can you how can you become a racquetball pro?

First, you need to research thoroughly about racquetball. You must figure out why you want to become a professional player. Many athletes fail because they don’t have a crystal clear reason as to why they’re engaging in a particular sport. Some people play racquetball for wealth while others do it for self-fulfillment. Knowing your motive will help you determine the best way to approach racquetball.

Have a plan. Most people fail in sports because they lack discipline, which is essential to every athlete. A specific plan will help you achieve long-term success and improvement. While creating your plan, it’s advisable to engage a racquetball professional. He/she will advise you on how you can get the best results. What’s more, the professional can increase your chances of becoming a pro athlete.

An excellent way to succeed in racquetball is to find a coach. You can get a good one at the racquetball club in your area. A coach will keep you motivated and help your sharpen your skills. If you don’t know where to find a great coach, you can always ask for recommendations from other racquetball players. Conduct a background check to make sure that you’re hiring the right professional.

To play racquetball like a pro, you should get in shape. This sport requires energy and flexibility. You can’t compete fairly with other professionals if you’re not in good shape –even if you have the right skillset.

About Sawyer

Sawyer Howitt is an Oregon-based racquetball player. He plays for the Racquetball Club of Portland. During most tournaments, Sawyer plays men’s singles.

Mr. Howitt is currently in his senior year of high school. He’s focused on finance and business studies which help him run his father’s company. Sawyer’s entrepreneurial and athletic skills play a significant role in his position as Meriwether Group’s project manager.

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