PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz: Podcasts Enhance Brand Impact

If there is one thing that stays constant in the world of media and entertainment it is changed. Radio once overshadowed print newspapers, while the television, as the saying goes, killed the radio star. The advent of the moving image made it harder for a medium based largely on sound to capture people’s attention.

These days it seems that the internet is threatening to usurp the place that television sets once held in people’s lives as platforms like Netflix and Hulu have taken what people seem to like most about television: leisure and riveting storytelling and deliver on those factors ten times over.

Nowadays podcasts are picking up steam with networks like PodcastOne and other podcast industry players doing work that seeks to streamline and modernize the way that people consume and access podcasts. Will podcasts end up overshadowing radio in another seeming never-ending cycle of change in the world of media? With NPR have some struggles with getting younger listeners to consume their programming the answer is anyone’s guess.

What is becoming clear is that there is an explosion of podcasting content and that rise in content represents an opportunity for companies to connect with the people who are listening to it.

Something that every brand looks for when it seeks to build a partnership with a media partner is whether or not there will be any impact on a factor that is known in the marketing world as brand lift. According to Viget, brand lift is a rather straight forward concept. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: https://www.behance.net/normanpattf4be and http://normanpattiz.com/author/npattiz/

It involves enhancing the level of engagement that a consumer has with a brand through an effort like a marketing initiative. When brand lift occurs, according to Viget, it means that a consumer views the brand more favorably, has greater awareness of the brand or that their positive opinion of the brand has increased. Brand lift is essentially the desired outcome of any marketing, publicity or advertising initiative.

Companies pour millions of dollars each year into ads on billboards , radio, television, magazines, blogs and social networks to try to achieve brand lift. And even then they are not always successful. That said, many brands might find themselves wondering whether or not the untested waters of podcast advertising actually has the ability to help them make any movement where brand lift is concerned.

PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz recently partnered with a research firm to test the efficacy of brand lift. According to PR Newswire the study was able to show that customers who listen to podcast ads do in fact tend to demonstrate more awareness of brands and perform well in other areas of brand lift.