Traffic jams are creeping in almost all roads and yet so little is being done to reduce them. However, CTRMA Executive Director, Michael Heiligenstein is among the few people who are committed to stopping traffic jams. Michael Heiligenstein has been at the helm of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. One of the matters that he has been trying to stop is the presumption that traffic jams are caused by roads.


This former county commissioner of is of the opinion that the inhabitants of Austin to San Antonio are the ones who cause the traffic jams on their roads. So according to him the lack of Texas residents driving on SH 130 is caused by the people themselves and not the concession company that built the road.


The opinion of Mr. Heiligenstein is that although toll roads have been experiencing poor performance, it’s not because of the weak economy or high gas prices but rather because of the tools being used on them. He says that other roads such as the Eagle Shale might be able to use tolls to improve its efficiency.


About Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority


CTRMA is a multimodal transportation authority that deals with the improvement of the transportation system in the Texas area. When the CTRMA was started in 2002, it was meant for advancing the transport system in the Williamson County and Travis County. Eventually, it has been able to spread its tentacles to the wider Texas area.


The independent government agency aims to improve the transportation system, which will eventually ease traffic jams and decrease congestion. By introducing innovative multi-modal transportation solutions to the roads, the transportation authority hopes that it will improve not only improve the quality of life for individuals but also the economic state of the Texas area.


The CTRMA I headed by a board of directors which has seven members. The governor appoints the chairman of the board. In addition to this, six other members are nominated by the Travis and Williamson County commissioners who appoint three members each. These boards of directors then employ other staff members who are headed by the Executive Director Michael Hiegelstein. The transportation authority is managed with the Texas Transportation Code.


About Michael Heiligenstein


Michael Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of the CTRMA. The former county commissioner has been with the mobility authority since 2003. Before this, Mr. Heiligenstein had worked for the public service as a Williamson County Commissioner and a city council member for Round Rock. He has overseen major projects which have been carried out by the mobility authority.

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