Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a well establish real estate business person who has gone through many to reach where he is today. He attended several institutions in which Harvard university is one, Hofstra University is another, just to mention a few.

He came out of the University as a banking student and worked in the banking industry for a while and decided to shift his career to support his family business which is real estate based on his own personal and research he did which help him to finally arrive at that decision of joining his family business. In 2002 he found out in Florida where he later relocated, that there was a need to enter into real estate industry to help push it to the next level.

He has done his possible best in the industry and still doing, Samuel Strauch doesn’t only deals in the real estate industry but also is an investor who invests in the restaurant business as well as internet investment such as stock and many more. He advises on meditation because to him it is something that has helped him to reach where he is today. According to him, he set aside sometime in the morning to meditate on few things and that gives him the positive edge to face the day’s activities. He edges each and everyone to try the meditation method because it has helped him and could help others as well. Samuel Strauch is an inspiration to many in the state of Miami, Florida and the entire nation.

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New Brunswick Philanthropist Sam Boraie Helps Feed The Hungry Through Elijah’s Promise

The name Elijah’s Promise comes from a passage in the Hebrew Bible. The passage talks about God calling the prophet Elijah and asking him to stay with a widow at Zarephath during a famine. Elijah asks the widow for food, but she only has enough for one final meal. Elijah told her that if she shares food with him she will never lack food again. She does share, and her jar of flour stays full ever after. Elijah’s Promise, the New Brunswick, New Jersey nonprofit organization, developed their name from that bible passage.

Elijah’s Promise uses food as a tool to help the most vulnerable members of the New Jersey community on The organization operates a culinary arts school, catering business, soup kitchen and a pay-as-you-go café for low-income families and individuals. The volunteers and partners in the community serve more than 100,000 meals every year. The organization also trains unskilled workers for careers in the food industry.

Sam Boraie, one of the members of the well-known Boraie family of New Brunswick, decided that Elijah’s Promise needed him as much as he needed Elijah’s Promise. Sam didn’t need Elijah’s Promise because he was hungry or because he needed a new profession. Boraie needed to give back what the New Brunswick community has given him and his family over the last three decades. Sam needed to help Elijah’s Promise feed and train more people, so he donates his time and money to that organization. Boraie was asked to be on the Advisory Board because of his service and dedication to the community and he accepted. According to Sam, being part of the Elijah’s Promise family has been as rewarding as being part of his own family.

New Brunswick is known for being the home of Rutgers University and Johnson and Johnson, but the city is also the home of the State Theater. The New Brunswick State Theater was established in 1921. The Theatre developed a reputation as a “class act” because of its superb acoustics, opulent décor, live attractions, and cinematic features at In the early days, stars like Gary Cooper, Houdini, Bob Hope, Minnie Pearl, Bela Lugosi, Barbara Stanwyck, and Blackstone the Magician, visited the State Theater. Today, the State Theater is the state’s second-largest not-for-profit entertainment hall. More than 200,000 people visit every year. More than 30,000 teachers and students attend the performances and participate in outreach programs. That’s why Sam Boraie got involved with the State Theater. Sam is an education activist. His donations and his leadership role on the Board of Trustees helps enhance the education process.

Boraie Development LLC has done a lot for the city of New Brunswick in terms of urban development. Sam Boraie decided that he needed to do more than develop new office and condominium buildings. He wants to play an active role in educating and feeding the community that has been so good to him and his family. Omar Boraie was a business visionary. His mission was to rebuild New Brunswick. Sam Boraie is on a mission to give back and pay forward.

More promising success with the growth of Town Residential

Town Residential is a dynamic executive team established in 2010. The team works towards becoming an essential part of the real estate Landscape in the New York. The firm founders are a close group of leaders with much-admired success and knowledge in the luxury sales. New trends in the marketing and rentals. The Town is composed to deliver dramatic results in the real estate markets today.


Town devotes equal value and resources and strives to lead in rentals, sales, and development marketing. The team offers exceptional customer services, neighborhood expertise, information transparency and professional direction through the process.


Since its establishment, the Town Residential now holds the New York top position from its luxury real estate services. They particularly deal in; marketing, leasing, and sales of luxury residential, Property development commercially and in retail. From their standards, the company has marked new excellence criteria in the real estate’s industry.


The press has recognized the expertise of the Town Residential staffs in the luxury real estate in New York City. The firm ensures a well-balanced press coverage within lifestyle and luxury through its pro-active media outreach and strategic positioning.


In 2013, the Town residential opened their 10th outpost. The firm office was opened in the meatpacking district to brought easy access to the residential neighborhood swath along Hudson. According to Andrew Heiberger, the founder of Town Residential, with the opening of the 10th Outpost, Brokers would take their clients to the appointments. They lease leased a 7100 square foot space in a 15 year deal from where they would carry out their brokerage transactions. The consistent growth of that area made the strategically positioned the Town’s office. The small office, previously operating at 45 Horatio St, West Village was relocated into the new space.


The firm has since then opened other prime locations among them its headquarters in the Greenwich Village. If you need any real estate services in the New York and its environs, Town Residential is your ultimate stop point.



NYC Luxury Buildings Offering Unique Amenities


The NYC luxury real estate market has often been considered one of the most competitive in the world. The city is full of foreign investors and very successful young professionals that are looking for a place to live that offers luxuries and other amenities unmatched by other buildings in the city. To ensure that they are able to get the highest rent possible and stay full, new projects in the city often offer unusual new amenities to attract their tenants. Several new projects in the city are now offering amenities that have never been seen before.


This will include having a regulation size basketball court and indoor lap swimming pool, as well as a number of private parks and spas. The project also has a state of the art fitness center and yoga studio, which has helped to attract some of the most active and healthy tenants in the city.


Another feature that will be found in New York City is at the One57 building, which is located on 57th Street in Manhattan. This project is looking to find ways for the tenants of the property to relax and unwind. The building boasts having the most relaxing public space, which includes a full library, a small aquarium, and even an onsite yoga studio that will come with free classes to residents.


For those that are looking for NYC luxury real estate, a great place to start would be with Town Residential. Town Residential is a relatively young real estate firm in the city, but it has quickly become a leader in the NYC luxury real estate segment. The company provides a number of different services, including leasing, brokerage, and investment management for a number of the top NYC luxury real estate investors and developers in the city. They are also well regarded for having the most in-depth real estate market knowledge, which helps all buyers make the most informed decisions possible.