Gregory Aziz: A Century of Successful Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Gregory James Aziz serves as the chief executive officer of National Steer Car (NSC). He has been an employee of this company since 1994. NSC put together more than a century of distinction in the fields of manufacturing and engineering as well as an unbending commitment to premium service. This enterprise gained the status as the primary manufacturer of railroad shipment and railroad car (wagon) in North America.



Employees as Foundation stone


Gregory James Aziz emphasized the workforce comprise the bedrock of any corporate organization. An institution that follows this model becomes more vibrant, resourceful, diverse, and committed. According to Greg James Aziz, NSC does not stop in elevating its standards and responding to challenges. In fact, NSC represents the only railcar enterprise with ISO or International Organization for Standardization (9001: 2008).


This particular ISO spells out prerequisites for a top-quality system of management where the entity must showcase its capacity to provide products that conform to client requirements as well as the required legal requirements. The ISO also seeks to bolster client contentment utilizing the efficient system application and guarantee of compliance with customer and relevant regulations.



Achievements and Drive to Succeed


This North American railcar firm obtained not only the ISO rating but the TTX SECO Honor as well. This company continues to pursue excellence to become the leader in the manufacturing of railcars in this region. At present, some 2, 000 employees help fortify NSC as one of the trustworthy manufacturers of premium railcars in this part of the world. Greg Aziz emphasized that engineering remains as one of the more energetic fields. A flourishing engineering company needs to take on changes positively. Also, modern-day firms must understand that customer relationships form another element that will determine the success of downfall of any business undertaking.



Impressive Credentials and Experience


Entrepreneur James Aziz graduated from the Western Ontario University. He attended to the family business right away after graduation. The family of Gregory James Aziz operated a booming wholesale food venture known as Affiliated Foods. He relocated to New York and worked in an investment banking corporation for many years. In fact, the NSC earned the TTX SECO honors for 13 successive years. Visit This Page for related information


 This corporation preserved its prominent position because of the unwavering focus on producing outstanding merchandise. NSC does not focus on previous accomplishments alone. On the contrary, it strives to come up with newer remedies and processes in the railcar marketplace. Through the able stewardship of Gregory J Aziz, NSC entered into a collaborative venture with the community in Hamilton to improve the living standards of residents. NSC employs around 2, 000 residents from Hamilton. It also subsidized charities such as the Theater Aquarius and Hamilton Opera.


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Gregory Aziz: The Savior of National Steel Car

In 1994, one section of the railroad industry went through a major restructuring. For years, the railroads had been in decline, giving way to other forms of transportation that offered more destinations and pickup locations for customers, as well as promises of faster and more efficient deliveries. This hurt the railroads that had been forming the backbone of North America for years. Luckily, in 1994, Gregory J Aziz, a prominent businessman and investor, made a huge change and brought one company back from the brink of destruction.


Greg Aziz had been interested in business ever since he graduated from the University of Western Ontario. Born and raised in Canada, he was always aware of the importance that the railroads played, and he knew that he would one day become an integral part of that industry. He started his business career, however, in the food industry at a company his family owned.


Not knowing what to expect, his colleagues were blown away when they discovered the talent that Gregory J. Aziz brought to the table. He managed to work with new suppliers and customers for  Affiliated Foods, expanding the distribution network of the Company from central Canada into the United States. He even helped the company expand their network into Europe and South America, importing more highly-sought-after foods than ever before. He truly was a Master of Business. After spending some time investing his money and saving up, he wanted a new challenge. Gregory J Aziz thought back to his days interested in the railroads and decided that he would purchase National Steel Car in 1994.


National Steel Car had been around for almost a century. The Company focused on the manufacturing of several different types of rolling stock for trains, including tanker cars, boxcars, hoppers, and coal cars. Recently, however, the company had been in a decline along with the rest of the railroad industry. Greg Aziz brought them back. He instituted a policy of hiring more and increasing cash flow to capital projects. He used his business acumen to secure more customers and cheaper materials, while concurrently focusing on the core strength of what made National Steel Car so great in the past: engineering talent.


Under his leadership, the revenues of National Steel Car grew to over $200 million each year. With the new employees and capital projects, production capacity grew over 300 percent, and the labor force at the Company went from just 600 workers to over 3,000. This just goes to show that Greg Aziz is capable of bringing even a dying industry back from the dead due to his amazing skill in business and ability to manage.  View Additional Info Here.