Securus Technologies Correctional Firm of International Repute

Securus Technologies is a company that provides modern and highly efficient criminal justice and civic technologies to the correctional market. Since its launch in 1986, the company has made tremendous progress, and today, it is one of the pioneers in the penitentiary technology. The company has been lauded by the industry experts as well as its customers for being consistent with its quality and services. Over the years, Securus Technologies has also bagged numerous awards for its quality services, including the Gold Stevie Awards for the best customer service training. Winning the competition for the first time it participated in such a competitive category only goes on to show how strong the company has been managing its internal structure.


Rick Smith, who became the company’s CEO in 2008, has helped in making significant improvements in the company’s policies and management. It has impacted the growth of the business positively and also ensured that it continues to expand in the correctional field. The policies implemented by Rick Smith have been useful in adding new products and services under the service portfolio of the company. One of the new services that have been highly talked about in the correctional industry is Video Visitation facility. It has given the inmates and their family members facility to talk to each other via video communication. It ensures that the family members and friends can see their inmate loved one and not only talk over the phone. It saves the hassle of traveling all the way to the prison facility. It saves time and money for the inmates and their family members.


Securus Technologies has been getting letters of appreciation from the law enforcement agencies and recently it decided to make many of the comments in these letters public. It did so by publishing a press release recently with excerpts from the letters of law enforcement officers who wrote to the company appreciating them for their services.



How Securus Technologies is Preventing Local Crimes

Me and my fellow officers have a number of ways that we work to prevent crimes in our city. The power of the local informants can not be underestimated, they are able to feed us information that is critical in keeping fugitives from doing things that will put residents in danger. The problem is when we are dealing with a suspect like a gang member who has no family, informants are too terrified to try and come forward.


This month we were chasing a fugitive who was committing robberies at gunpoint, and hiding within the network of safe houses provided by the gangs. Each time my team was closing in, his gang would call in false reports to have us chasing our tails. If we didn’t take charge of the situation fast, we were going to wind up with a situation where someone was going to get seriously injured or killed at the next robbery.


In an effort to get control of this situation, we took the team to the local prison to try to get a few inmates to help. Knowing they would not talk directly to us for fear of being labeled a snitch, we did know they would run to the phones to get to their friends or family. That was exactly what happened, and the Securus Technologies monitoring system was able to pick up any conversations pertaining to our suspect.


The Securus Technologies call monitoring system is in 2,600 jails, and the CEO of the company says his team of thousand employees are committed to making the world safe. We were able to use the system to pick up when a lower level gang member hit the phones to warn his cousin to tell our suspect to stay out of sight for a few days. We used that conversation to connect the dots and locate that fugitive very quickly.


Corrections officers, other customers speak highly of Securus video visitation

Ask any corrections officer what the most dangerous part of their day is, and they’ll usually tell you that it’s handling in-person visitations. The ability of prisoners to visit, face to face, with their loved ones has been upheld throughout most states. But this also represents one of the most serious security threats to the institution. In-person visitations are the time where contraband is most likely to be passed, violent conflict is most likely to erupt and corrections officers lives are most likely to be put at risk.


There are so many problems with in-person visitations that many wardens, throughout the history of the United States criminal justice system, have attempted to curtail them. One of the underappreciated risks of administering a visitation system is the necessity of moving inmates throughout the prison, from areas where they are normally housed into those areas where they are not. In America’s gang-infested prisons, this can easily lead to territory-based conflicts and violent assaults. More corrections officers have been seriously injured and even killed in the process of moving inmates throughout prisons than in any other aspect of their daily job duties.


But perhaps the most serious threats that in-person visitations present to the institution is the opportunity to move contraband within the prison. Many times, the visitors themselves will be complicit in smuggling things such as drugs, elicit cell phones and even deadly weapons into the prison. These things can and will be used by dangerous and violent criminals to hurt and even kill other prisoners as well as corrections officers.


Through its video visitation technology, Securus Technologies has dramatically reduced the number of in-person visitations that prisons need to deal with. This has been hailed by corrections officers as a major step forward and institutional safety.

Securus Technologies Program is Easy To Use and Well Worth it

A great tool for communicating has been introduced to us in a world in which technological advancements are undoubtedly taking over the way that we live. Securus Technologies is a form of communications platform that is allowing people to stay in touch with others regardless of the situation that they may be in.


Perhaps one of the unluckiest situations that one can find themselves in is being incarcerated within the premises of a correctional facility. Being incarcerated often closes one off to where they have no way to stay in touch with those who are considered to be on the “outside”. In other words, those who are not in the jail with the inmates. Jail can be quite a lonely place and for quite some time for many inmates. By utilizing the Securus Technologies program, one’s time in jail doesn’t necessarily have to be as lonely as it could be.


Securus Technologies is a state-of-the-art program that has brought innovation to your very own home It allows people to connect with those who are incarcerated through the means of chatting in a video conferencing mode from their own homes in which visitations at the jails are not required. Visiting jails in the form of “visitation” sessions can be quite difficult to conduct as appointment times are often taken up by other visitors. As jails are often busy, scheduling appointments can have an effect of interfering with one’s schedule, thus, making visiting the inmate near impossible.


Securus Technologies turns the impossible to possible as it enables people to schedule appointments within the means of flexible scheduling. It is a great program that is bringing the world of communications to you in a very improved fashion. Please contact the help desk as they will be more than happy to provide you with the guidance that may be necessary to make utilizing this wonderful program easier.