Betsy DeVos Reforms Education to Improve It

Betsy DeVos knows that there is a lot of value that can come from education and that those who are providing educational opportunities need to make sure that they are doing things that will actually make a difference instead of trying to change things that people may not be able to enjoy. For Betsy DeVos, this means that she has to do everything in her power to make education better and to show children what they can get from a positive experience while they are in school. She knows a lot about education and about how it can be helpful since the majority of her career has been focused around education and what she can do for other people who are trying to have a positive life. She knows that this will all help her to see the right way to make improvements and that people will be able to take many different benefits away from this.

For Betsy DeVos to be able to make these changes, she had to do a lot in the career that she had. She wanted to bring more attention to public schools and show people that they were not necessarily best for every student. This allowed her the chance to try different things and to make sure that she was doing the best for the students. The help that she has provided has been extremely valuable and has given her a chance to grow everything that she has done in her life.While Betsy DeVos is truly a philanthropist, she knows a lot about schools and education. She also knows that she will be able to help more students with the issues that they are having in public schools so that she can bring change to those areas.

She is hoping that all of this will make sense for them and that the families will also be on board with it. She knows that the families are one of the most important parts of education and that things will get easier when Betsy DeVos is able to actually help families out with the issues that they have.The latest philanthropy efforts that Betsy DeVos has done are not the only things that have helped her in the career that she worked so hard for. As far back as the 1980’s, Betsy DeVos was doing things for students and was trying to make changes. In fact, she was one of the first people to come up with the idea for a charter school. She knew that students could benefit from these schools because they would be able ot learn more about the things that they could do. They would also get they needed to do better.

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Why We Should All Emulate Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a woman to be emulated. Not just by American women, but by all Americans in general. She is a businesswoman, politician, reformer and philanthropist. Fortunate enough to amass wealth in their lifetime, DeVos and her husband, Dick, have put a considerable portion of it towards helping those in need in the areas of leadership, arts, justice, community support, and education.Betsy and Dick DeVos founded the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. The two saw the foundation as a platform to both help and express their ideals on what is good and how people can uphold being good. As a result, the Foundation is greatly focused on faith and has on numerous occasions supported evangelical missions, Christina schools and a raft of other conservative programs. A look at foundations educational support in the 15 years between 1999 and 2015 shows that the Foundation extended the greatest deal of support towards Christian schools, with donations amounting to close to $9 million, followed by charter schools, which received donations amounting to approximately $5 million, while public schools came last with a small donation of $59,750.

Betsy DeVos’ greatest impact has been in the field of education. While most of the fame she has garnered in the education sector stems from her various endeavors to reform the system to take the best structure possible, she has also been helping students from all around the country access quality education even while the reform is ongoing. Since before the formation of her family foundation, DeVos has provided outstanding, but less able, students, with scholarships. She has also provided funds to schools that have performed exceptionally well. For example, in 2014 alone, the family foundation gave $652 thousand to the Ada Christian School alone.

The organization has also done a lot beyond educational-focused donations. In totality, the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is estimated to have raised approximately $139 million between its formation in 1989 and 2015. Programs targeted at the arts have received significant donations both from the Foundation and directly from DeVos. The DeVos family in 2009 launched a free-to-all art competition that is held every year in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Additionally, DeVos has in individual capacity greatly supported the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. In 2010, she gave the Center its largest private donation when she provided $22.5 million. The donation was aimed at helping the Center continue with its practical and creative communities following the global financial crisis that had hit only two years earlier.It is very calming that such a kind-hearted individual has recently been selected as the incumbent Secretary of Education for the country. If she continues as she has with her philanthropic and reformist past, there is no doubt that America has little to worry about in Betsy DeVos’ hands.

Dick DeVos is Helping To Change His Community

A recent interview by Philanthropy Roundtable with Betsy DeVos took a look inside the charitable side of Mrs. DeVos. The interview discussed various aspects of education and provided the personal thoughts of Betsy DeVos regarding educational topics such as school vouchers, education reform, charter schools, home schooling, and school choices. Betsy DeVos expressed herself openly and honestly concerning all the topics discussed during the interview.


I feel that charity begins at home. Betsy DeVos demonstrates a sincere and kind heart through her history of helping charitable causes, establishing charities, and helping people in need. While Mrs. DeVos appears to want to provide help to anyone in need, she seems to have a special passion for education and improving the educational system. As a family, Mrs. DeVos and her husband appear to be in a good situation financially. With their available resources and influence, she has been able along with her husband to initiate change in many areas,


Dick DeVos is Betsy DeVos husband. I think that Mr. DeVos has done very well in his professional life. He has held several important executive positions at Amway, he has held several executive positions with the Orlando Magic, and he is the President of The Windquest Group. The number of key positions that he has held along with his current president position shows that he can produce results and can lead an organization.


In his professional life, Dick DeVos has accomplished a lot. This is all impressive, but I feel that the personal side of Dick DeVos is just as impressive or even more impressive. Mr. DeVos has personally taken the time to help the lives of many people through community initiatives and charitable contributions.


Initiatives such as the Education Freedom Fund, The West Michigan Aviation Academy, and serving on the State Board of Education in Michigan all show a high level of dedication and service to the community. However, he has done so much more, which includes assisting with Grand Rapids downtown renewal and regional health care enhancement projects. These projects include the development of a convention center, a downtown arena, a heart hospital, a downtown market, and a medical school.


 Dick DeVos  is an individual who is making a difference in his community and state. He is willing to give enormous amounts of his time to a wide variety of community and charitable projects.