Passengers Could Potentially Be the Biggest Beneficiary of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT), particularly the Bluetooth beacon technology, is gradually but steadily revolutionizing how things operate. Things that were not previously connectable have been made to connect and even take commands from each other through the Internet. If research findings released recently by Gartner Inc. are something to go by, it can be expected that more than 25 billion things will be able to interconnect by 2020. As this happens, life will continue getting easier and smarter. Surprisingly, the airline industry is one of the industries to which the Internet of Things is positively impacting. Jason Hope, the undisputed technological futurist, was recently breaking the whole issue of IoT effect on air travel.

How IoT is Changing Air Travel

The IoT is making the relaying of information between staff members within planes and even between the plane and the staff on ground easy. Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787s, for example, has installed beacon technology that sends signals to the airbase if the plane malfunctions.IoT has also brought about positive changes to customer service. Some airlines are improving passenger convenience by assigning seats 24 hours before the time of flight. This has been made possible by a technology that automatically notes the order in which passengers book their flights. While in the plane, IoT can monitor the comfort standards of the passengers.Passengers’ luggage will soon be following their owners to the claim areas at the final destination. The IoT has a component that connects a tag stuck on luggage to the owner such that the luggage can identify who its owner is. With these types of technologies, among many others, the IoT qualifies as the technology of the future.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a tech genius and entrepreneur. He is a former scholar of the highly rated Arizona State University from where he holds a degree in finance. He also joined ASU’s W.P. from where he holds an MBA. Besides technology, Jason is an active philanthropist. He is an ardent supporter of the SENS Foundation. If you want to follow him on twitter: Click here.