Brad Reifler’s Very Busy Financial Career

Brad Reifler was once an advocate for the top 1% as these were the persons whom he advised in investment matters. Reifler soon changed his focus and extended to the other 99%. He has become quite the advocate for smart investing for the middle class. A number of solid articles on the topic were authored by Reifler and this helped raise his profile and reputation in the financial industry.

Brad Reifler has a rather extensive career in the financial world. Currently, the Bowdoin College graduate serves as the CEO of Forefront Capital Management. He also founded the company. Reifler worked in managerial capacities with other companies prior to launching Forefront so he is highly experienced in this industry. He is currently serving in an partnership role at CIFCO International Group as well.

One very interesting endeavor Brad Reifler has been involved with is the Forefront Income Trust, an investment vehicle that has received a nice amount of press. The trust is designed to open investment doors for the middle class. The 1% are accredited investors — meaning their net worth allows them to invest in certain riskier endeavors. Middle class investors often think that since they are not accredited they are highly limited with their options. Such is not necessarily the case as ventures such as the Forefront Income Trust show.

Brad Reifler is a busy person who as always working hard at making Forefront Capital Management a high-profile firm.