Jeffry Schneider Providing Suitable Investment Strategies at Ascendant Capital

Jeffry Schneider is the Founder of a Ascendant Capital, LLC a boutique alternative investment firm located in Austin, TX. Ascendant has different services such as marketing, sales and education. Jeffry worked at Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors before starting Ascendant Capital. He has also worked with prestigious financial firms such as Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. Jeffry  attained a degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Ascendant Capital provides capital for emerging and established asset fund sponsors. The company also associates with broker-dealers, private banks, family offices and registered investment advisors, providing their public and private offerings  across the world.

Under Jeffry Schneider’s management, Ascendant has grown quickly within five years, the number of staff members increased from two to more than 50. Ascendant services more than 250 investment advisors, 50 broker-dealers, and several family offices. Furthermore, Jeffry Schneider and his staff members raised over $1 billion in capital. The money was used to buy auto dealerships, real estate, and tech firms.

Jeffry Schneider believes  alternative investments are the smartest asset choice because they decrease the effects of market volatility in an investor’s portfolio. The company values have made the company to accomplish a lot. Ascendant’s environment has boosted trust among staff members, contributing to the firm’s success. Also, the firm always makes their clients’ needs a top priority.

Jeffry Schneider keeps fit through eating healthy; he has taken part in numerous marathons as well as half and full Ironman competitions. He loves traveling all over the world, mainly to South America, Europe and Asia.

Personal Finance Basics: Brad Reifler Speaks

How do you succeed with money? You need to have a plan in place that makes sense over the short term and the long term. A lot of people today have too much debt and too little income coming in. Over the long term, this is a recipe for disaster. Brad Reifler is someone who is an expert in this area. If you want to succeed at a high level, you need to make sure you understand how to get there. There are a lot of people today who pay out all of their money in debt payments. This is not a good plan to get to the next level with your wealth. Instead, start to think about the long term implications of your decisions.

Thinking Long Term

One of the keys to success in personal finance is to think long term. Far too many people today are only thinking about how they can make a payment at the end of the month. Instead, you need to have financial goals over the next couple of months and years. This is something that you can work towards over time. For example, you may be saving up a large down payment for a home, and then you are saving for retirement in 30 years as well.

Brad Reifler

From the time he was young, Brad Reifler has been interested in personal finance. He helps thousands of people every year get to the next level in this area. If you want to invest for your future, you need to make sure you have a plan to do so. Instead of spending all of your money every month, start taking a percentage of those funds and investing them for the future. This is something that a lot of people are trying to do. Personal finance success can be accomplished by anyone if they work hard enough and stay committed.