Day one impact NFL rookies

Many daily fantasy players are busy setting up their MLB lineups in the month of April. However, there are a select few that are already busy at work preparing for the upcoming fantasy football season. The NFL draft, that begins on Thursday, 27 April, get the juices flowing for upcoming rookies that one can play on day one which can determine whether or not one has a successful year. Those expected to make their mark in year one include Leonard Fournette to Jacksonville, Christian McCaffrey to Carolina, and Mike Williams to the Arizona Cardinals.


Leonard Fournette will make an immediate impact on a Jaguar offense that has been desperate for a running attack. The six foot, 240 pound Fournette will take over on day one as a three down back and would expect him to gather in 300 carries for 1,200 yards in his first year. Christian McCaffrey will assist Cam Newton as a slot receiver, running back, and the team overall as a punt returner. At 5’11” and 202 pounds, McCaffrey did not have any issues with durability while at Stanford. His versatility will be a godsend to a Panther offense that depends way to heavily on Newton. Mike Williams will be a starter right out of the gate next to Larry Fitzgerald who will be a perfect mentor. Fitzgerald is winding down a Hall a Fame career, and the 6’3” and 213 pound Williams will be the perfect replacement once Fitzgerald calls it quits. Follow for further updates on all of the draft day movement.