Advertising Expert Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the president and global chief executive officer at Crispin Porter and Bogusky advertising agency. She earned a degree in sales and marketing. She has worked with many well known companies including Staples, Nestle, Xbox, Weight Watcher’s, Sprint, Applebee’s, InBev, Nabisco, and Molson. Her career also includes being Coca Cola’s Global Accountant Director. From October 2005 until 2008, she worked at DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. as their chief marketing officer.

She has earned the reputation of being an expert in advertising, integrated marketing, and a digital strategist. She is knowledgeable in E- commerce by providing creative direction, and how to develop and create business ideas. Senecal has earned several awards and achievements including being named in Bloomberg’s Power 100 List for two consecutive years. This award recognizes her role as an influential leader in marketing, media, and technology.

Lori Senecal coordinates around 10 international offices at Crisper Porter and Bogusky. Her professional career began at Interpublic Group companies. In 2016, the company was listed among the creative innovators of the year. They reported an increase of revenues by 21% through creative risk taking techniques implemented since Senecal has been working for the company.

Senecal is a self described shy, introvert. She enrolled in Montreal’s McGill University as a business major before taking an interest in marketing. After graduation she moved to Toronto to work at Vickers and Benson Advertising Limited. While there she worked on the Ford account in the media department. Working at the agency allowed her to develop social and performing skills. She learned how to speak to large audiences at dealer conferences. She embraced her new experiences and honed her skills. One well known campaign she worked on is with Kraft promoting their macaroni and cheese. In 2015, when the company began removing artificial ingredients from the product, Crispin Porter and Bogusky advised them not to do any promotions. Kraft did print the change on their boxes. According to Ideamensch, after selling 50 million boxes they then launched an advertising campaign in 2016 promoting the reformulation. Kraft then released a print that said “We would have invited you to try it, but you already have.” This is an example of the risk taking strategy she employs that paid off as the advertisement received more than 200 million conversations on social media the day it was announced.

Is Lori Senecal Leaving Advertising Permanently When CP+B Contract Expires the End of 2017?

News sources, including AdWeek are reporting Lori Senecal is retiring December 31st, 2017, after 31 months leading Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B). She joined the advertising agency under contract serving as Global Chief Executive Officer to oversee international growth and new developments. CP+B is a partnering agency of MDC Partners, a public holding company of approximately 50 or more marketing and communications agencies. Lori Senegal has worked with various MDC Partners Network’s affiliates, including KBS serving as International CEO and Chairman. She continued to serve her roles at the agency while under contract with CP+B.

When her contract ends, she made the announcement she is retiring and leaving advertising permanently, reported Advertising Age. While there are speculations about her actually leaving the advertising industry, Lori Senegal and the Chairman of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Chuck Porter are continuing to work on developing team leaders of the next generation. Senegal’s position is a new role formed by the agency while she’s under contract. There are no reports of a replacement to continue filling the position she’s presently holding. The structure of the agency is to elevate regional leaders to share resources in all regions with the goal of connecting their clients to the best talents. To know more visit Inspirery.

CP+B announced in May of this year that Danielle Aldrich has accepted the position to serve as president. She has been with the agency for 14 plus years and will oversee office locations in Los Angeles and Boulder. Aldrich worked with Lori on several major campaigns, such as Hersey’s and AA (American Airlines). She will report to Lori until her contract ends.

Lori Senecal is highly respected by her partners, colleagues, team leaders, and boss, Chuck Porter. She accomplished winning the agency large accounts with major brands and strategically forming and mentoring team members. While under her leadership, CP+B has expanded from eight global office locations to more than ten. Porter says she’s a trustworthy friend, partner and professional. Seneca hasn’t revealed future plans after retirement of her next business venture.

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