Gregory Aziz: The Savior of National Steel Car

In 1994, one section of the railroad industry went through a major restructuring. For years, the railroads had been in decline, giving way to other forms of transportation that offered more destinations and pickup locations for customers, as well as promises of faster and more efficient deliveries. This hurt the railroads that had been forming the backbone of North America for years. Luckily, in 1994, Gregory J Aziz, a prominent businessman and investor, made a huge change and brought one company back from the brink of destruction.


Greg Aziz had been interested in business ever since he graduated from the University of Western Ontario. Born and raised in Canada, he was always aware of the importance that the railroads played, and he knew that he would one day become an integral part of that industry. He started his business career, however, in the food industry at a company his family owned.


Not knowing what to expect, his colleagues were blown away when they discovered the talent that Gregory J. Aziz brought to the table. He managed to work with new suppliers and customers for  Affiliated Foods, expanding the distribution network of the Company from central Canada into the United States. He even helped the company expand their network into Europe and South America, importing more highly-sought-after foods than ever before. He truly was a Master of Business. After spending some time investing his money and saving up, he wanted a new challenge. Gregory J Aziz thought back to his days interested in the railroads and decided that he would purchase National Steel Car in 1994.


National Steel Car had been around for almost a century. The Company focused on the manufacturing of several different types of rolling stock for trains, including tanker cars, boxcars, hoppers, and coal cars. Recently, however, the company had been in a decline along with the rest of the railroad industry. Greg Aziz brought them back. He instituted a policy of hiring more and increasing cash flow to capital projects. He used his business acumen to secure more customers and cheaper materials, while concurrently focusing on the core strength of what made National Steel Car so great in the past: engineering talent.


Under his leadership, the revenues of National Steel Car grew to over $200 million each year. With the new employees and capital projects, production capacity grew over 300 percent, and the labor force at the Company went from just 600 workers to over 3,000. This just goes to show that Greg Aziz is capable of bringing even a dying industry back from the dead due to his amazing skill in business and ability to manage.  View Additional Info Here.

Eli Gerschkovitch: Successful Canadian Beer Maker

Canada is known for so many products, including maple syrup, poutine, and craft beers. Craft beers have their own distinct texture and taste, and Canadians are proud of it. Craft beers can be served anytime – it can be served during an occasion, or one could also drink it if he or she just wanted to chill. The beer industry of Canada is growing, and through the years, they have seen a steady growth. They managed to establish healthy competition between beer producing nations, like Germany, for example. Through trading and exportation, the revenue made from Canada’s craft beers have reached $9 billion in yearly sales, with experts and economists agreeing that this figure would likely swell, considering how many Canadians love to drink and patronize their self-made beer. The number of pubs across the country have also multiplied these past few years, but only a few have made their mark on the industry. One of the well-known pubs in Canada is called Steamworks Brew Pub. Founded in 1995 by Eli Gerschkovitch, Steamworks Brew Pub opened to the public with hopes that the people will be supporting his product.


Eli Gerschkovitch stated that he does not really want to be a beer manufacturer, and he claims that everything was just an accident. He stated that if not for the Belgian Beer, he would be too busy today working at his law firm (TheBroTalk). Eli Gerschkovitch revealed that his fascination with beers originated from a trip in Europe. After tasting the legendary beers of Belgium and Germany, Eli Gerschkovitch had an idea of setting up a business in Canada, like what he has seen in Europe. In 1995, Eli Gerschkovitch decided to open his business, called the Steamworks Brew Pub.


Through the years, the business built by Eli Gerschkovitch have been growing, thanks to customers who keep on returning to his pub. According to Eli Gerschkovitch, his business is already in a phase of becoming a “bar and restaurant” type, and he is inviting everyone to visit his pub and see the difference. Because of the perseverance and the confidence that Eli Gerschkovitch has, he managed to become a successful entrepreneur.

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