The Rise of Hussain Sajwani as a Residential Real Estate Developer

Hussain Sajwani is a business mogul from the United Arabs Emirates. He began his career in food service industry before he gained some interests in the real estate industry while still learning his food service firm. He was able to attract diverse clients including Bechtel, a construction giant as well as U.S. military.

From his interest in real estate business, he decided to establish a real estate development company, and Damac Properties was born in the year 2002. Hussain was aware that Dubai government does not restrict foreigners from investing in properties and thus took advantage of that opportunity.

Sajwani bought a land in a town that was considered underdeveloped. Within six months he was able to develop a 38- story residential house of which most of the units therein were sold even before he began construction.

After this successful investment, he looked forward to making Dubai glitter by polishing its image, and truly, he has made it a bright destination for many people in the world. Sajwani became the president of Damac Properties in the year 2013 after the company partnered with Donald Trump with the aim of developing two golf courses that are Trump-branded. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

The first golf course was Trump International Golf Course Dubai and was opened early in 2017 while the second one, Trump World Golf Course is expected to be inaugurated in the year 2018.

When Trump was elected as the president, of the United States, he applauded Damac Owner during a press conference saying that he is a great and an amazing man. He added that Sajwani had offered him a real estate deal worth $2 billion in Dubai, but he had to turn it down.

Hussain Sajwani family went to visit Trump on New Year’s Eve as a friend and business partner having worked together for some time in the real estate industry.

Damac Properties has grown into a big and successful venture in residential real estate development and has employed more than 2000 employees. The company has also managed to create its capital and thus is publicly listed and traded in the finance market in Dubai.

Damac Properties has grown tremendously over the years through their ability to partner with other reliable brands in the market and also investing in viable projects such as Ta Golf Course.

Business Leader Jason Hope

Writing for Engadget, author Jesse Boskoff recently examined the perspective of Jason Hope, a futurist and entrepreneur. In the article, Boskoff discusses Hope’s belief that the Internet of Things is moving humanity forward and promises to fight wastefulness and inefficiency. For Hope, the Internet of Things shows potential to better the lives of everyone, and the growth and adoption of the Internet of Things is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

The inevitability of persistent, ubiquitous connectivity drives Hope’s career as a business consultant. He offers valuable insight into how digital technology can be used to make business better and he understands how the Internet of Things can drive business growth. He has made several predictions regarding the growth and direction of the Internet of Things and has closely associated himself with the field of biotechnology where much of this growth has been seen.

Hope’s considerable business acumen makes him a stand-out success in the fields of finance and business. Alongside his success in the private field he also has an extensive history as a philanthropist supporting futurist causes. Notably, he offers grant funding to people who present innovative ideas and he has pledged $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, a biotechnology organization that researches age-related illness. Through these actions Jason Hope sets himself apart.


Doctor Richard Shinto, the Driving Force Behind InnovaCare’s Immense Success

Dr. Richard Shinto (Rick) is the President and CEO of InnovaCare Health Solutions. He has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare management has brought new insights and energy to the company since joining their team.

Rick Shinto has redefined healthcare management and made InnovaCare one of the leading organizations in the healthcare business. They work toward building quality medical services that are cost effective for their clientele.

Dr. Shinto is furthering InnovaCare’s mission to overcome the challenges of the health system and to be able to provide healthcare that has been refined to meet the needs of all citizens.

Rick Shinto attended the State University of New York at Stone Brook where he obtained his medical degree. He also received his MBA from Redlands University and is a graduate of medicine from the State University of Arizona. He got his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of California, Irvine Campus. He has also written and published various articles on the subject of healthcare and clinical medicine. Read more about Rick on Businesswire.

He began his career as an internist and a pulmonologist in Southern California. From there he just kept climbing the ladder of success. In 1996-97 he was the Corporate Vice President for MedPartners. After leaving there he went to Cal Optima Health Plan as the Chief Medical Officer. He has also been the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer with Medical Pathways Management Company.

Dr. Shinto was, from 2008 until its sale in 2012 the CEO of Aveta Inc. He then joined the InnovaCare Health Solutions Company and has proceeded to make it one of the leading healthcare companies in the country.

He, along with the Chief Administrative Officer, Ms. Penelope Kokkinides has developed, through new programs for hiring and training a team of professionals. His ideas have given the people who work with him new skills and experiences that have helped to transform InnovaCare Health methods of dealing with problems.

The InnovaCare Health system also serves Puerto Rico, and is now standing along with the best healthcare management companies in the country by creating new ways to deal with the problems that arise. They are a Medicae Advantage provider that has over 200,000 users all across North America.

With Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides at the helm of the leadership team they have seen the company grow and expand in leaps and bounds. Now the people in Puerto Rico have access to quality healthcare that they can afford. Read more at about Rick Shinto.

What VTA Publications CEO Jim Hunt Says About The Stock Market And Trump’s Presidency

Jim Hunt always has new and fresh perspectives on investing in stocks and trading them, and he’s always paying close attention to movements in the market and advising his followers on buying and selling. He’s based in the UK and is versed in investing in both domestic stocks and foreign exchange funds on, and he weighed in on the turbulence in the market following the election of Donald Trump to president of the US. Many investors were skeptical upon the election results, but Hunt reminded people of how volatile the markets looked back in 1980 and 2008. Jim Hunt VTA Publications says now is a good time to invest in industrial stocks and he also believes the financial sector will do well in the coming months. He does warn people not to get too exciting at the sudden climb of the Dow index on LinkedIn.

Jim Hunt is a former banker who decided he no longer wanted to work for the big banks because he felt he could help customers better than they could, and decided he knew enough about investing to make it on his own. So he started his own investment strategies and founded Jim Hunt VTA Publications, a company that publishes information on starting businesses and trading stocks. VTA Publications has information such as planning retirement in accordance with information taken from the bible, learning how to use stock charts and making little-known trades and developing strategies. Jim Hunt VTA Publications also hosts seminars featuring some of the most renowned investors and entrepreneurs, and they’re available to purchase on DVD.

Jim Hunt spends most of is days researching financial trends and building investment packages tailored to meet his customer needs. And he posts the investments and trades he makes on his YouTube channel which has garnered quite a few followers. Two of Jim Hunt VTA Publications most well-known programs are “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” is about an investment you can make when a bear market is about to come, and “Making Mum a Millionaire” shows how making just 10 trades could make someone a tax-free millionaire.

Jeffry Schneider

With more than 25 years’ experience, Jeffry Schneider is a leader in the field.

Under Jeffry’s guidance, his firm now supports more than 50 employees. Jeffry believes this success stems from the dedication and camaraderie of employees and is especially proud of the culture he and his team have created. By encouraging open dialogue, there is a sense of trust among team members, and it is well-known that their top priority is the clients they represent. Jeffry has over 24 years of experience making him a complete veteran.
Jeffry is a tireless philanthropist who donates his time and money to several causes and charity organizations. Among these are Gods Love We Deliver, the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries, Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream Program, and the Cherokee Home for Children. Quite a few of these are focused on helping disadvantaged children. By supporting programs that shelter, feed, clothe, and provide education to abused and neglected kids, Jeffry Schneider is investing in the future of our world.

In and outside of his business dealings, Jeffry aims for excellence and works hard to do his best at everything he takes on. As an Executive, this means that he goes the extra mile to ensure that he and everyone on his team are giving the work their full attention. In his life outside of work, he pays a lot of attention to his health and takes part in Ironman challenges around the globe. The firm has evolved under the leadership of Schneider in a short period of time. Five years ago, there were three to four employees, and now there are more than 50.

Jeffry Schneider earned a bachelor of science from University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Before founding his company, Schneider worked in different organizations. He does many things to keep himself fit, especially eating a healthy diet. He has been a participant in many marathons including Ironman and Half-Ironman events. In addition to fitness, Jeffry also has a passion for exploring the world. He has traveled across Europe, South America, and Asia, and he says rural Thailand and Hungary are the best places to visit. He is also a philanthropist and supports charity organizations like God’s Love We Deliver, Cherokee Home for Children, The Gazelle Foundation and Wonder Worries.



Vijay Eswaran Remembers His Father During QI Group Philanthropic Drive

The QI Group has proven itself a major success for Vijay Eswaran, the President and co-founder of the company that is headquartered in Hong Kong and has become well known for the success it has achieved across Asia and Australia. This direct sales company has grown from its small first steps taken in 1998 when it was created by Vijay Eswaran and his business partner Joseph Bismark to become one of the world’s top ten direct sales companies in the world; Eswaran has looked to develop a philanthropic portion of the company on that can make both himself and those working for the company as proud of what has been achieved as possible.

To develop a regular philanthropic portion of the QI Group Vijay Eswaran created the RHYTHM Foundation, which has been referred to as the corporate responsibility arm of the company; in his home country of Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran created a separate company known as the Vijayaratnam Foundation, which is named after his own father. Eswaran has proven himself to be as much of a success as a philanthropist as he has as a businessperson, which has been reflected in the awarding of a lifetime achievement award in regional philanthropy at given to the graduate of the London School of Economics by the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute in Malaysia.

Read more: Dato’ Vijay Eswaran speaks about ‘finding your purpose’

The QI Group has also benefited from the successful development of a philanthropic arm, which has become one of the most successful aspects of the company under the leadership of Vijay Eswaran. The development of Malaysia as a major business power in the future is one of the aims for the QI Group’s RHYTHM Foundation and personally for Vijay Eswaran; the many different programs developed in the name of the RHYTHM Foundation have a basis in education designed to allow more young people to achieve a higher standard of education. Eswaran and the QI Group have recently embarked upon a program of education on to ensure the English language is learned by a greater number of Malaysian students to make sure the global business world continues to access the country.

The Man Behind the Broadcast: Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz, chairman of PodcastOne has launched a new program called “Beyond the Darkness”. “Beyond the Darkness is the newest program of Jericho Network. The program explores paranormal activity and will feature discussions with researchers and people experienced with paranormal encounters. Think you know everything about the paranormal? This show will prove otherwise as it delves into content about ghosts, angels, demons, aliens, monster encounters, mysteries and miracles. It is a show guaranteed to get your blood flowing! “Beyond the Darkness” will be hosted by renowned author and radio host Dave Schrader and radio producer/host Tim Dennis. Norman Pattiz explains that former WWE star Chris Jericho is one of PodcastOne’s “jewels”. Pattiz new that bringing Jericho onto PodcastOne would evolve past just wrestling as it did with “Beyond the Darkness”. Jericho has also brought comedians onto PodcastOne. PodcastOne has launched to success as the nation’s leading advertiser-supported podcast network. The network features over 200 different podcasts with big names hosting such as Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Austin, Dan Patrick and more! Before PodcastOne Norman Pattiz founded Westwood One which took off under his leadership. Westwood One became America’s largest radio network and provider of news, sports, entertainment, talk and traffic programming to the Broadcast Industry. Westwood One managed or distributed for some of the biggest networks during huge sporting events such as the Super Bowl and the Olympics (summer and winter), not to mention NCAA basketball’s “March Madness”. Adding to his portfolio, Norman Pattiz created Courtside Entertainment Group, a premier sports entertainment group founded on individualism and creativity. As if that isn’t enough, Pattiz was also appointed to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America by both presidents Clinton and Bush. Pattiz launched America’s Arabic language radio and television services to over 22 middle eastern countries. In Iran broadcasts reach over 40 million listeners. The Broadcasting Board also oversees broadcasting services such as “The Voice of America”, “Radio Free Europe”, and “Radio Liberty”. The over achiever has also won numerous awards such as the Distinguished Education Service Award, The Freedom of Speech Award, and some broadcaster of the year awards. This multi talented man is a force of nature that not many are capable of keeping up with. We should all strive to be more like Norman Pattiz as he strives to make the most out of everyday and it shows.

Learn more:

Norman Pattiz


Chris burch Looks at the Integrated Growth Between Technology and Fashion

According to the books of history, two different industries have grown seamlessly. These industries complement each other during their stages of development. Over the years, fashion and industry have seen numerous changes. However, there is one remaining constant about the two. Both industries, no matter their differences, grow together. Over time, technology has evolved to become fashionable. On the other hand, fashion has also grown to become technologically fashionable. This is the actual meaning of cohesion. The two industries are interdependent. For this reason, advancement on the other depicts what is happening in the other industry.

According to a study carried out in the United Kingdom, fashion has grown seamless with an impeccable integration with technology. For this reason, the two industries can never grow apart. Any attempt to separate the two will grow falter. A glimpse of the present and past shines a glimpse of the future of the two industries. Let’s look at the details of these allegations made by Chris Burch (

The technology was present in the 70s. As a matter of fact, technology has grown over the period of human evolution. When we consult the books of history, technology was imminent in the crudest form the 70s, like any other decade in the past, saw the coming of the boom box. This technology allowed the used to carry along the favorite stations and tunes wherever they went. According to the Chris Burch, this was the most fashionable technology during that time. This technology allowed the used to count on two decks that had seamless functionality. While you use one side to play music, the other hand would record the playing music.

The dawn of the 80s saw the introduction of new technology in the world. Movies were added to the decks. For this reason, one would get a better visual impression rather than music. Television was the most fashionable thing for a family to own. It had the highest privilege in society. When the 90s came to pass, one would get a better experience in music using the Walkman. This was one of the most popular inventions in the music industry. As we can see, technology and fashion have a lot in common. In fact, the two are seamlessly related. The introduction of the iPod revolutionized the technology industry.