Norka’s Showcase: I Believe in Miracles

In her presentation, Norka took the opportunity to talk about her belief in miracles. She believed that her talent would propel her to the greatest heights in music. Emilio Estefan arrived her band and all she had to use to produce music. She was focused on creating the songs that would be adopted on a massive scale both at home and abroad. As a matter of fact, she is so appreciative of the fact that her producer gives her the chance to make a choice of the song. However, she gives him the power to lead. For this reason, Emilio can model her to fit international standards. According to the sources presented from a local radio station in Venezuela, the first song by Norka was a hit. It was the most listened song in the country. Many people like it and numerous play requests are sent to the stations.

In 2007, Norka went through a severe crisis at her personal level. She had gained excessive weight. This was a blow to her career. Because she knew she was a public figure, she decided to battle this fortune. For a long time, she battled against weight. She lost over 60 pounds. Her motivation was Beyoncé and Shakira. In the end, she won the battle. She is now less than 130 pounds.

Her touch with music was tender and loving. While she was still a kid, she loved singing. Whenever she went into sorrow, music was always there to comfort her. Her songs were sweet and melodious. For this reason, her parents noticed the trend in her behavior. They knew they had a star. For this reason, they took to their efforts to make it happen. While she went to school to study the normal education curriculum, she took evening music lessons. In the country, music lessons cost more than regular education. While she came from a middle-class family, they never relented until they had all set for her. For this reason, she is appreciative of the fact that her parents gave her all she desired to be a world-class artist. Emilio Estefan is the light-bearer of his music career. Norka believes in miracles. She comes from a happy family. Her life is full of life lessons and experiences.