Raising Beyond Age-Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning acquired another family-owned HVAC firm; Walton Heating and Air a company which is located out of Southern California. The transaction between the two HVAC family groups was not disclosed by the management. The acquisition was a huge benefit to Goettl which has already built its name and reputation in Phoenix, Las Vegas as well as Tosco to move and expand their market in Southern California. The partnership will not only be a benefit to the ancient air conditioning organization; Goettl but also to Walton which will be able to expand their services and products beyond what the management, as well as the founder Todd Longbrake, would have done by themselves. According to Mr. Todd, they had done all they could to expand their family business but they were stuck. Visit Glassdoor to see more.

Goettl Air Condition showed some interest in Walton back in 2015, but the owner; Todd was not for the idea instead he was very reluctant to let the air conditioning company take over their family business. However, after some time and getting to hear about their performance form others he agreed to the partnership. The acquisition deal was realized back in mid-2015 and Mr. Todd Longbrake is more than glad to say that since Ken Goodrich and his team took over, they have experienced a tremendous expansion. Goettl does not give the owner of Walton; Mr. Todd a new role and responsibility, instead Todd maintained his previous position as a sales manager and a field supervisor. Although the traction took place two years ago; Goodrich decided to hold on the announcement until the entire operations, as well as marketing challenges, were solved.

Goettl Air Condition is considered to be one of the ancient air condition firms in the Phoenix region. The company is a family owned business which was established in 1926 by the Goettl brothers; Adam, Bill, and John Goettl. The company was founded in Phoenix, Arizona during the Great Depression. The family business expanded to become one of the pioneers in the development of evaporative coolers and other air conditioning products. Despite its old age, the firm has managed to raise and grow beyond the technological advancement. According to legacy as a leading air conditioning firm, Goettl has been in the forefront to ensure the expansion and quality services and products in the air conditioning industry. Goettl value their clients and are committed to solve their challenges and even go beyond meeting their expectation. Some of the services Goettl offers include; cooling services, plumbing, financing, repair, maintenance, as well as duct sealing.

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