The Rise of Hussain Sajwani as a Residential Real Estate Developer

Hussain Sajwani is a business mogul from the United Arabs Emirates. He began his career in food service industry before he gained some interests in the real estate industry while still learning his food service firm. He was able to attract diverse clients including Bechtel, a construction giant as well as U.S. military.

From his interest in real estate business, he decided to establish a real estate development company, and Damac Properties was born in the year 2002. Hussain was aware that Dubai government does not restrict foreigners from investing in properties and thus took advantage of that opportunity.

Sajwani bought a land in a town that was considered underdeveloped. Within six months he was able to develop a 38- story residential house of which most of the units therein were sold even before he began construction.

After this successful investment, he looked forward to making Dubai glitter by polishing its image, and truly, he has made it a bright destination for many people in the world. Sajwani became the president of Damac Properties in the year 2013 after the company partnered with Donald Trump with the aim of developing two golf courses that are Trump-branded. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

The first golf course was Trump International Golf Course Dubai and was opened early in 2017 while the second one, Trump World Golf Course is expected to be inaugurated in the year 2018.

When Trump was elected as the president, of the United States, he applauded Damac Owner during a press conference saying that he is a great and an amazing man. He added that Sajwani had offered him a real estate deal worth $2 billion in Dubai, but he had to turn it down.

Hussain Sajwani family went to visit Trump on New Year’s Eve as a friend and business partner having worked together for some time in the real estate industry.

Damac Properties has grown into a big and successful venture in residential real estate development and has employed more than 2000 employees. The company has also managed to create its capital and thus is publicly listed and traded in the finance market in Dubai.

Damac Properties has grown tremendously over the years through their ability to partner with other reliable brands in the market and also investing in viable projects such as Ta Golf Course.

Corrections officers, other customers speak highly of Securus video visitation

Ask any corrections officer what the most dangerous part of their day is, and they’ll usually tell you that it’s handling in-person visitations. The ability of prisoners to visit, face to face, with their loved ones has been upheld throughout most states. But this also represents one of the most serious security threats to the institution. In-person visitations are the time where contraband is most likely to be passed, violent conflict is most likely to erupt and corrections officers lives are most likely to be put at risk.


There are so many problems with in-person visitations that many wardens, throughout the history of the United States criminal justice system, have attempted to curtail them. One of the underappreciated risks of administering a visitation system is the necessity of moving inmates throughout the prison, from areas where they are normally housed into those areas where they are not. In America’s gang-infested prisons, this can easily lead to territory-based conflicts and violent assaults. More corrections officers have been seriously injured and even killed in the process of moving inmates throughout prisons than in any other aspect of their daily job duties.


But perhaps the most serious threats that in-person visitations present to the institution is the opportunity to move contraband within the prison. Many times, the visitors themselves will be complicit in smuggling things such as drugs, elicit cell phones and even deadly weapons into the prison. These things can and will be used by dangerous and violent criminals to hurt and even kill other prisoners as well as corrections officers.


Through its video visitation technology, Securus Technologies has dramatically reduced the number of in-person visitations that prisons need to deal with. This has been hailed by corrections officers as a major step forward and institutional safety.

Is Lori Senecal Leaving Advertising Permanently When CP+B Contract Expires the End of 2017?

News sources, including AdWeek are reporting Lori Senecal is retiring December 31st, 2017, after 31 months leading Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B). She joined the advertising agency under contract serving as Global Chief Executive Officer to oversee international growth and new developments. CP+B is a partnering agency of MDC Partners, a public holding company of approximately 50 or more marketing and communications agencies. Lori Senegal has worked with various MDC Partners Network’s affiliates, including KBS serving as International CEO and Chairman. She continued to serve her roles at the agency while under contract with CP+B.

When her contract ends, she made the announcement she is retiring and leaving advertising permanently, reported Advertising Age. While there are speculations about her actually leaving the advertising industry, Lori Senegal and the Chairman of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Chuck Porter are continuing to work on developing team leaders of the next generation. Senegal’s position is a new role formed by the agency while she’s under contract. There are no reports of a replacement to continue filling the position she’s presently holding. The structure of the agency is to elevate regional leaders to share resources in all regions with the goal of connecting their clients to the best talents. To know more visit Inspirery.

CP+B announced in May of this year that Danielle Aldrich has accepted the position to serve as president. She has been with the agency for 14 plus years and will oversee office locations in Los Angeles and Boulder. Aldrich worked with Lori on several major campaigns, such as Hersey’s and AA (American Airlines). She will report to Lori until her contract ends.

Lori Senecal is highly respected by her partners, colleagues, team leaders, and boss, Chuck Porter. She accomplished winning the agency large accounts with major brands and strategically forming and mentoring team members. While under her leadership, CP+B has expanded from eight global office locations to more than ten. Porter says she’s a trustworthy friend, partner and professional. Seneca hasn’t revealed future plans after retirement of her next business venture.

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Passengers Could Potentially Be the Biggest Beneficiary of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT), particularly the Bluetooth beacon technology, is gradually but steadily revolutionizing how things operate. Things that were not previously connectable have been made to connect and even take commands from each other through the Internet. If research findings released recently by Gartner Inc. are something to go by, it can be expected that more than 25 billion things will be able to interconnect by 2020. As this happens, life will continue getting easier and smarter. Surprisingly, the airline industry is one of the industries to which the Internet of Things is positively impacting. Jason Hope, the undisputed technological futurist, was recently breaking the whole issue of IoT effect on air travel.

How IoT is Changing Air Travel

The IoT is making the relaying of information between staff members within planes and even between the plane and the staff on ground easy. Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787s, for example, has installed beacon technology that sends signals to the airbase if the plane malfunctions.IoT has also brought about positive changes to customer service. Some airlines are improving passenger convenience by assigning seats 24 hours before the time of flight. This has been made possible by a technology that automatically notes the order in which passengers book their flights. While in the plane, IoT can monitor the comfort standards of the passengers.Passengers’ luggage will soon be following their owners to the claim areas at the final destination. The IoT has a component that connects a tag stuck on luggage to the owner such that the luggage can identify who its owner is. With these types of technologies, among many others, the IoT qualifies as the technology of the future.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a tech genius and entrepreneur. He is a former scholar of the highly rated Arizona State University from where he holds a degree in finance. He also joined ASU’s W.P. from where he holds an MBA. Besides technology, Jason is an active philanthropist. He is an ardent supporter of the SENS Foundation. If you want to follow him on twitter: Click here.

Richard Mishaan Invites Bold Styles for Any Interior Design

For interior guru Richard Mishaan, a bold and daring mixture of influences within interior design isn’t something a good designer should shy away from. On the contrary, in his newest book “Artfully Modern” you will see examples of colors, eras and styles thrown together not quite randomly, but certainly not exclusive of each other.


One clear sign of a Richard Mishaan design is an artful yet unexpected blend of individual pieces. In his apartment, a visitor will see modern masters full of comics and graffiti right alongside classical furniture of the 1930s through 1940s and even a 16th century gilded Italian mirror. For Richard Mishaan, as long as the pieces look harmonious together, he does not care about what date or era that they were created in. He has also designed a loft for a SoHo couple filled with antique furniture, taxidermy, and contemporary paintings. While that is a contemporary approach, it’s one he has been following religiously for thirty years.


Richard Mishaan was born in Cartagena, Columbia and raised partly in Italy. The Columbian and Italian influences continue to sway his work, especially when it comes to color. He continues to have homes in Italy, and still treasures his memories of Columbian cities and their bold, vibrant color schemes.


Those memories carry through when he decorates a home, usually with more than just a splash of color. His Hampton’s House, also featured in “Artfully Modern” pictures, has a bright blue and white kitchen, flame stiches, stripes, and even plain everywhere. Other, client kitchens are lime green and beautiful.


Richard Mishaan even has tips for decorating a small apartment. To make a small space seem bigger, paint warm white walls and a white ceiling to expand the room, even if it’s only a trick of the eyes. He also recommends floating the bed, rather than crunching it against a wall, to maximize space with two usable areas instead of one. In a living room, low chairs, strong colors painted behind a couch, and using two small tables are also good optical illusions to make a little space feel big.


Traffic jams are creeping in almost all roads and yet so little is being done to reduce them. However, CTRMA Executive Director, Michael Heiligenstein is among the few people who are committed to stopping traffic jams. Michael Heiligenstein has been at the helm of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. One of the matters that he has been trying to stop is the presumption that traffic jams are caused by roads.


This former county commissioner of is of the opinion that the inhabitants of Austin to San Antonio are the ones who cause the traffic jams on their roads. So according to him the lack of Texas residents driving on SH 130 is caused by the people themselves and not the concession company that built the road.


The opinion of Mr. Heiligenstein is that although toll roads have been experiencing poor performance, it’s not because of the weak economy or high gas prices but rather because of the tools being used on them. He says that other roads such as the Eagle Shale might be able to use tolls to improve its efficiency.


About Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority


CTRMA is a multimodal transportation authority that deals with the improvement of the transportation system in the Texas area. When the CTRMA was started in 2002, it was meant for advancing the transport system in the Williamson County and Travis County. Eventually, it has been able to spread its tentacles to the wider Texas area.


The independent government agency aims to improve the transportation system, which will eventually ease traffic jams and decrease congestion. By introducing innovative multi-modal transportation solutions to the roads, the transportation authority hopes that it will improve not only improve the quality of life for individuals but also the economic state of the Texas area.


The CTRMA I headed by a board of directors which has seven members. The governor appoints the chairman of the board. In addition to this, six other members are nominated by the Travis and Williamson County commissioners who appoint three members each. These boards of directors then employ other staff members who are headed by the Executive Director Michael Hiegelstein. The transportation authority is managed with the Texas Transportation Code.


About Michael Heiligenstein


Michael Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of the CTRMA. The former county commissioner has been with the mobility authority since 2003. Before this, Mr. Heiligenstein had worked for the public service as a Williamson County Commissioner and a city council member for Round Rock. He has overseen major projects which have been carried out by the mobility authority.

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How To Care For Your Hair Like A Celebrity

Most women are not celebrities, yet we dream of having that celebrity hair. We all want that youthful, smooth, silky, and envious hair and we deserve it. Great hair can make you look younger and more beautiful. Celebrities love their hair and it shows through the way they care for their hair. Great hair uses great products. You don’t have to make a celebrity salary to afford great hair. Great hair products can be affordable as well. A popular, affordable hair product is Wen by Chaz. Chaz Dean is popular amongst the celebs. He is a well-known on Facebook as a celebrity hair stylist. He has years of expertise working with numerous of celebrities in Hollywood.

Most of today’s shampoos are too strong and damaging. They strip off the natural moisture and nutrients from your hair. Celebrity hair stylist, Chaz Dean,, noticed the problem with the hair products on the market and created a solution. He introduced WEN by Chaz Dean to the Sephora beauty market. WEN by Chaz is not just another shampoo. It’s a cleansing conditioner that puts the nutrients back into your hair to make it softer and smoother. products are for all hair types and are all natural. With Wen, your hair will live up to its potential. WEN will give you that gorgeous hair like a celebrity

Bruno Fagali: An Expert in Compliance and Public Law

Bruno Fagali has established himself as a leader and an exceptional lawyer in Brazil. He is the founder of Fagali Law Firm. Over the years, Bruno has gained knowledge and expertise in law. However, he is an expert in Compliance Law and anti-corruption cases.

Bruno Fagali holds a Masters in Administrative, State law, and anti-corruption. Unlike most of the Lawyers, Bruno took the time to build his career in Law before launching his Law Firm. Bruno began his career as an intern at the Model Dom Paulo Law Firm. He proceeded to work as an intern for two high-end law firms in Brazil: Teixeira Ferreira, Tojal, Serrano and Renault Associates and the Manesco, Perez, Ramires, Azevedo Marques Firm.

Through his internships, Bruno Fagali gained knowledge and skills in domestic violence, bidding, administrative, and regulatory law.

Bruno joined the Radi Calil Law firm in 2012. He served the law firm for two years and was involved with administrative contracts and litigation.

Bruno Fagali joined Nova/Sb in 2016. Nova/Sb is an advertising agency which has won awards for their efforts in fighting corruption. Bruno’s responsibility was to manage the Company’s integrity department.

From 2015 to 2016, Bruno worked as the scholarship holder at the University of Sao Paulo. In this position, Bruno was responsible for carrying out seminars and overseeing the study groups.

Bruno Fagali has an interesting education background. Bruno joined Canadian International College for his English studies in 1997. Bruno attended the Brazilian Society of Public Law for his electoral law.

From 2004 to 2009, Bruno attended the Pontifical Catholic University where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Law. He also attended the Brazilian Public Law Society where he did his Parliamentary law studies.

Bruno is currently doing his Masters Degree and will graduate in 2017.

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The Joy of Helping Others As Experienced By Betsy DeVos

Many people are often looking for some kind of joy and fulfillment. However, there are a lot of sources of information that tell people to look in places that are not necessarily helpful. Many people follow these suggestions only to find that these suggestions are not all that effective. There are a lot of slogans that people hear about finding joy. However, people who experience real joy have found it in what has come to be unlikeliest of places because of conventional. Among the people that have experienced real joy is Betsy DeVos. She is someone who has experienced real fulfillment in what she does.

The one way that Betsy DeVos has found joy is through helping others. She has experienced real joy as a philanthropist. This is one thing that has helped her gain the sense of purpose that inspires her and encourages her. One of the reasons that she has a deeply fulfilled joy is that she has compassion for people who do not have as much as she has. She is also aware of what it takes for people to have the best chance for improving their circumstances. The best chance that children have is in education. Read more on

While Betsy DeVos sees the value of education, she understands that not all school systems are good. While things can be done in order to improve the school systems in the communities, Betsy understands that it is going to take a lot of time to bring forth the needed improvements. This is one of the reasons that she has offered the opportunity for school choice. However, she is also looking for ways to bring about improvements to the community. It is not her intention to leave communities to rot.

Betsy DeVos is the type of person that loves to build. One good thing about her is that she is doing everything she can to build communities. She is also inspiring others to take some initiative to do their part in building up communities through education. There are tons of people who have a desire to make communities better. They just need to be inspired by someone like Betsy DeVos.

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Why The Copa Star is Attracting Unusual Reactions in Brazil

Copa Star is one unique medical facility, a hospital which not many of us have been able to see. Although currently under construction, this facility will resemble a five-star hotel. As we begin from its architecture and design, the medical facility will be one of a kind. The hospital’s design will occur in a manner that will integrate human treatment and comfort. Within the Copa Star, a restaurant is set to reside. The food court is meant to offer patients as well as visitors nutritious meals at affordable prices. Besides, the medical wing will be spacious enough to accommodate hundreds of patients.

Despite the fact that this facility resembles a hospital for the wealthiest individuals, plans are underway to have it offer treatment to people of all niches. To this end, the hospital is closely working with insurance companies to have them extend their services to this facility even before it is opened up to members of the public. The Hospital’s current location is in Copacabana, between Joseph Bloch and Figueiredo de Magalhaes streets. Its strategic placement will grant the facility an influx in the number of clients per given day. Visit their Facebook page.

The Copa Star is expected to specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and heart-related ailments, using the latest machines that current technology has to offer. These modern devices will operate in a hybrid, digital operating, and a neurosurgery room. Doctors in this hospital will work using specialized tools, while certain operations will be carried out entirely by medical robots. Hence, Copa Star is objective enough to provide all its clients with quality care. Before its completion and opening, Marcelo Pina, the executive director of Copa Star is already looking for competent and highly qualified personnel to work in this facility. The workforce will undergo regular training so as to equip them with the skills to use modern equipment as well as help the hospital achieve the international medical standards. Also, medical personnel will be hired in large numbers so as to prevent a scenario whereby a doctor or nurse in overwhelmed by the workflow. In so doing, patients will get quality treatment while workers will not be overworked.

With a proper system in place, patients will be able to reach a full recovery. Copa Star operations will also be extended to Shopping Antiquarios building so as to help the prestigious five-star facility with billing, supply, maintenance, room service, and clinical engineering activities. Thus, the Copa Star will surely bridge the gap in health care that already exists in Brazil. Due to its existence, fewer people will die from cancer-related illness, and diseases that affect the heart. Therefore, its development is a step in the right direction.