Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall; Brazil’s Very Best

Manaira Shopping mall was completed in the eighties although its design and modern features depict something greater. The mall’s modern-day style has made it quite popular particularly because of the one-stop service that people enjoy. Manaira shopping serves more than just shopping services; it extends its service to banking, schooling, and fitness services among others. When contemplating on the mall, Roberto had formidable plans, but he confesses that the outcome he got far exceeded his expectations. In fact, it excites him that Manaira has turned out to be the largest that Brazil ever had. Roberto made sure that everyone would get whatever they wanted regardless of their age, class, or even nationality. There is even an international restaurant that offers typical dishes for foreign guests.


The College in Manaira; Is It For You?


You may not have gone to a mall that has a college, but Manaira shopping has one. Ever since they had the college in the mall, people have continued graduating, and excellent leaders have been nurtured there. The college is not large per se, but the quality of education is what matters. Initially, the idea of the college was not in the picture, but he has realized it was worth incorporating it even in later days. Students gain access to every other facility they need, and so they do not have to always move out for whatever reason, unless for fun.


The Fitness Center; a Well-thought-Out Plan


Fitness hubs are becoming increasingly popular because they help people stay fit at all times. The many individuals who visit the mall on different occasions and in varying situations enjoy this well-thought-out feature. The idea of a gym was there right from when Roberto birthed the idea of the mall, and surely, it makes the investment worthwhile. Having studied the market trends and consumer behavior, Mr. Santiago knew that a fitness center was an opportunity to grab with both hands. To date, it remains one of the top features attracting heavy traffic in Manaira mall.


Appreciating Creativity and Market Relevance


On the roof of Manaira mall is a concert hall that has continued to draw even much more people into the mall. Basically, it can hold a capacity of up to 10,000, with the interior attracting large volumes of concerts. From Manaira’s design and the many features, people have appreciated that a mall can integrate many features and disapprove the traditional models that people are used to. Roberto has many successful projects attributed to his great skill set in his late 50s. You will be right to say that he has made milestones that most people reach in their very old age. Generations coming forth will have sufficient opportunities to enjoy, thanks to Roberto Santiago.


Why You Should Consider Visiting Osteo Relief Institute

The most known form of arthritis is Osteoarthritis, which is the decay of the soft tissue found in between the joints. As the worsening continues, the bones get in contact rubbing each other causing swelling and pain. As time goes by, the bones lack strength, and the pain becomes continuous.

Major contributors of Osteoarthritis are age, family history, excess weight, and past injuries. Since osteoarthritis has no cure, there are many treatment plans available to ensure patients live a pain-free lifestyle. Patients should incorporate some practices into their daily life to relieve pain. They must change some daily routine, exercise and seek medical help.


About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute is located in New Jersey, in Bergen County. The clinic offers non-surgical innovative ways when treating clients. Their treatment offers a detailed back and knee examination and knee pain screening. The Institute views itself on experts and competent masters when dealing with patients.


At Osteo Relief Institute, the skilled and licensed practitioners value the health of patients more than anything does. They have the capability of taking care of an emergency even at night (AliveNewspaper). The clinic has sufficient and dependable stuff for all departments. The stuff has a good daily routine and ensures their work areas are readily available during the day and they are aware of all the vision and mission of the organization.


Osteo Relief Institute staff takes time to know their patients by reading their medical history and understanding the needs of the patient. The workers manage to work as a team and indulge clients in giving quality and working therapies ( Osteo Relief Institute provides soft drinks like coffee and water and a comfortable reception with a television for the visitors as they wait to see the doctors.


Osteo Relief Institute is equipped with professional employees who work as a team through involving patients in therapies. These professionals scrutinize the patient’s medical history and determine the patient goals before beginning the treatment. Osteo Relief Institute offers comfortable chairs and television to visitors waiting to see the practitioners.

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Eli Gerschkovitch: Successful Canadian Beer Maker

Canada is known for so many products, including maple syrup, poutine, and craft beers. Craft beers have their own distinct texture and taste, and Canadians are proud of it. Craft beers can be served anytime – it can be served during an occasion, or one could also drink it if he or she just wanted to chill. The beer industry of Canada is growing, and through the years, they have seen a steady growth. They managed to establish healthy competition between beer producing nations, like Germany, for example. Through trading and exportation, the revenue made from Canada’s craft beers have reached $9 billion in yearly sales, with experts and economists agreeing that this figure would likely swell, considering how many Canadians love to drink and patronize their self-made beer. The number of pubs across the country have also multiplied these past few years, but only a few have made their mark on the industry. One of the well-known pubs in Canada is called Steamworks Brew Pub. Founded in 1995 by Eli Gerschkovitch, Steamworks Brew Pub opened to the public with hopes that the people will be supporting his product.


Eli Gerschkovitch stated that he does not really want to be a beer manufacturer, and he claims that everything was just an accident. He stated that if not for the Belgian Beer, he would be too busy today working at his law firm (TheBroTalk). Eli Gerschkovitch revealed that his fascination with beers originated from a trip in Europe. After tasting the legendary beers of Belgium and Germany, Eli Gerschkovitch had an idea of setting up a business in Canada, like what he has seen in Europe. In 1995, Eli Gerschkovitch decided to open his business, called the Steamworks Brew Pub.


Through the years, the business built by Eli Gerschkovitch have been growing, thanks to customers who keep on returning to his pub. According to Eli Gerschkovitch, his business is already in a phase of becoming a “bar and restaurant” type, and he is inviting everyone to visit his pub and see the difference. Because of the perseverance and the confidence that Eli Gerschkovitch has, he managed to become a successful entrepreneur.

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An Overview Of Dr. Mark Holterman’s Career And Background

Dr. Mark Holterman completed his pre-med studies at Ivy League school, Yale University. He studied at Yale University from 1976 until 1980 and graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in biology. Mark Holterman then went on to study medicine at the University of Virginia. He completed an M.D. and later a PhD. at the University of Virginia in medicine and immunology. Mr. Holterman studied at the University of Virginia from 1980 until 1988.


Mark Holterman was a resident surgeon at the University of Virginia for about 5 years after graduating from medical school. He later became a pediatric surgeon at Seattle Children’s Hospital, where he worked for two years. Dr. Mark Holterman then went on to surgery at the University of Washington for a period of two years as well. After this, Mark went to Canada to work as a research associate at the Clinical Research Associate of Montreal.


In 1997, Mark Holterman joined the University of Chicago as a professor and taught there for 13 years. He became a surgeon in chief at the Advocate Children’s Hospital in 2008 and held this post for two years. Dr. Mark Holterman also worked as a pediatric surgeon at the Rush University Medical Center from 2000 to 2012. Mr. Holterman now works at Mariam Global Health. This is a healthcare investment and management firm that he founded in 2012.


Dr. Mark Holterman is a member of the American Diabetes Association. He is proud to announce and support an initiative between the ADA and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Together, the two groups have created a program called Camp PowerUp (Crunchbase). Its aim is to educate children aged 8-16 about making healthy food choices. By eating healthier, children can take matters into their own hands when it comes to preventing diabetes. A poor diet is often a reason why adults develop diabetes later in their lives.


Mr. Holterman is also supportive of non-profit medical groups such as the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. As a pediatric doctor himself, Dr. Holterman knows how important it is for children to be able to see a doctor for their needs. IPSAC-VN is bringing pediatric care to rural and poor communities throughout Vietnam. This is a mission that Dr. Holterman proudly supports and backs.

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Glen Wakeman: Leading A Financial Company Like LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman is a businessman and entrepreneur who is known for being the leader of numerous successful ventures that have added to the success that he has been seeing. Being extremely lucky is just one of the many things driving Glen Wakeman, and is one of the main reasons why he has worked so hard to get to the position that he has today. He is the leader of LaunchPad Holdings, a financial company that offers aid to new industries and businesses that want to set up in the sector but do not have the funds to be able to do so. Glen Wakeman has been working in the financial sector since the start of his career. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, leading them in a direction that is favorable for their growth and development. The companies that have given life to have turned out to be hugely successful, and have put Glen Wakeman’s name on the map as a person to watch out for in the financial sector (TheNewsVersion). Considering that he has worked with so many businesses and companies through the course of his career, he knew he would be able to lead the company efficiently and with the finesse of a brilliant leader.

When it comes to the people that come to his firm, he treats them with the utmost respect and ensures that he meets their every need perfectly. One of the things that set Glen Wakeman apart from other financial costs in the field is the close attention he pays to every single detail. When it comes to his clients, he tries to analyze every single aspect of their finances and their business so that he can provide them with some of the best services that money can buy.

When it comes to leading his own company, Glen Wakeman was seen as the best person for the job. He believes in motivating the people who work for him rather than commanding them to do the job that he has hired them to do. His leadership is just one of the many things that make LaunchPad Holdings the successful company that it is today.

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Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Championing the Causes Like Human Rights, Civil Rights, Migrant Rights and Freedom of Press

As the world progresses towards the new era, there are many problems that remain to be addressed and resolved. One of the problems that have been blanketing the world in a very subtle yet threatening manner is the human and civil rights violations.

Many countries in the world are still struggling to contain such violations and the increasing problems due to terrorism and war has only made the situation worse. The governments of the developing countries are trying hard to contain the problem but to no avail.

The human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, Protection International, Red Cross and United Nations Human Rights Organization have locations worldwide to help keep track of the increasing problem of human and civil rights violations. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Such organizations do not only monitor the reports of violations but also help the victims and people in need. The humanitarian work done by these and hundreds of other organizations have assisted in saving hundreds and thousands of lives over the years.

The countries in the Gulf region that are suffering from the terrorism and political conflicts and ongoing war have reported a loss of millions of lives over the last few years. It has also displaced millions of men, women, and children, who are looking for basic supplies and safe shelter. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael:

It is the need of the hour for the countries to come together to help these people start their new lives in a place they can call their home, now that they have lost their own. In the United States as well, the human rights abuses and civil rights violations are on rising. The freedom of press and speech is also threatened due to the wrongful actions were taken by many in the position of power.

One such incident that shook the entire country was the arrest of human rights advocates, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They together run modern media companies known as Phoenix News Times and Village Voice Media.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were arrested late at night without any valid reason or warrant and subsequently, a long legal battle pursued between them and the state. Eventually, they won the case and were also given $3.75 million for the damages and harassment they had to go through.

However, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey made Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund from that amount to help champion the causes they believe in, such as human rights, civil rights, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, migrant rights, and more.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Addresses the Rights of the Minority in Arizona

Migrants classification depends on their migration category. As such, there are economic migrants, asylum seekers, voluntary migrants, and refugees.

Trafficking victims and refugees seek international protection of their exclusive rights. The international principles of human and civil rights laws outline voluntary migrant rights. Currently, migrants account for 3.2% of the global population.

Migrant, civic, and human rights intertwine at different levels. International human rights allow the right to move from one country to another while state laws may restrict such rights.

However, human rights principles require that the state protects the fundamental rights of the migrant. Human rights watchdogs advocate for equal and fair treatment regardless of one’s status.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin used print media to promote the rights of migrants in the State of Arizona. In an article published by the Phoenix New Times, Lacey and Larkin highlighted the plight of migrants in the state and the abuse of office by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office.

The article highlighted financial misappropriations, mismanagement, power abuse by the Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the degenerate health conditions at the prisons, mistreatment, and profiling of Latino prisoners and deaths of inmates.

The Maricopa sheriffs issued subpoenas that required details of writers and readers including their web histories. Lacey and Larkin cowed by the move and choose to continue writing.

Lacey and Larkin were arrested and booked for writing these stories. When the public heard of their plight, they demanded their immediate release.

Mike and Jim were released in less than twenty-four hours and pursued legal actions against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office. A judge ruled in favor of Lacey and Larkin and demanded that Maricopa Sheriff department pay 3.75 million as compensation.

Today, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Funds uses the settlement to support civic, migrant and human rights initiatives in Arizona. It provides financial assistance for groups within the state that champion for a similar course. Lacey and Larkin also advocate for the freedom of civic participation and speech for Latinos in Arizona through publications in the Phoenix News Times and other Village Media affiliates.

Lacey and Larkin partner with over twenty organizations including Promise Arizona, American Immigration Union and the Center for Neighborhood Leadership.

Other organizations that champion for human, civic and migrant rights are the United Nations Human Rights Council, Amnesty International, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Migrant Rights Organization among others. Each of this organizations tackles advocacy with a different approach. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Facebook

NAACP calls for equal social, education, economic and political rights for all as a means of eradicating racial discrimination. NAACP educates citizens on their constitutional rights and the impact of racial discrimination.

It uses diversity to highlight the diverse culture in the USA. Amnesty International works through campaigns and research to promote equal rights and face injustice globally.

The research conducted by Amnesty generates knowledge on current issues that affect human rights globally. The campaigns intend to create positive change in human rights globally.

Todd Lubar Path to Success

President at TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar has been having an effect on the business world for a long while. He has over two many years of involvement in the land business. He has an enthusiasm for helping other people and always attempts to enhance himself. He as of late sat down with Patreon to share some knowledge into his hard working attitude and what has made him effective. More points of interest can be found on Crunchbase.

Lubar uncovered that his thought for beginning Global Ventures originated from a one of a kind affair. Lubar worked for a considerable length of time in the money related world. He needed to figure out how to help individuals who attempted to get the advances they were trying to make their home owning dreams materialize. He made an item for customers that give them offer assistance.

Lubar takes pride in his every day routine and credits it for quite a bit of his prosperity. He begins almost consistently with breakfast and time with his family. He invests energy working out and dealing with himself every morning. This encourages him enables clear his to mind and empowers greetings for whatever remains of the day. Todd Lubar prides himself on remaining composed and keeps his deliver all aspects of his business. He additionally puts stock in the diligent work and furthermore credits it for a lot of his prosperity.

Lubar is amped up for creating innovation encompassing home remote capacities. He adores controlling everything in his home by remote and truly trusts this innovation will keep on growing in ubiquity later on.

Todd Lubar is a business visionary representative who has been working in the land business for about two decades. He has likewise has worked in a few businesses spreading over from media outlets, to contract saving money. For a considerable length of time he has been extremely enthusiastic about offering back to others and enhancing their lives. With his energy and hardworking attitude, he ought to be around for some more years to come.  For more info, visit

The Rise of George Soros and the Open Society.

George Soros has become a major player in the United States political scene thanks to his giving nature and his devout progressive policies. Soros has spent the bulk of his career helping to raise money for those in desperate need, fighting for social justice and true equality all around the world. Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundations and his work there has made him probably the most giving philanthropist on the planet. George Soros didn’t become the man he is today by pure happenstance, he had life cultivate him into that person. Let’s take a look through Soros’ work history in order to get an appreciable insight into who he is today.

It all started back when Soros was living in Hungary with his family, as a teenager. The year was 1944 and the Nazi regime was coming to occupy the country. Over the next year over 500,000 Hungarian born Jews would be systematically murdered while countless others were tortured. Soros saw this brutality first hand and in his mind he realized the danger of a populist, nationalistic regime. The Soros family would help countless people escape the oppressive regime before emigrating themselves to London.

In London Soros found his way to the works of Karl Popper and it was this reading that would inform a long missive against harsh capitalism that Soros would pen at a later time. Karl Popper was a proponent of the Open Society and he understood just how dangerous capitalism could be, especially crony capitalism that was fueled by corruption and discrimination. While Soros studied the works of Popper he was working two different jobs to pay for his studies at the London School of Economics. Upon graduating Soros would set sail to America in order to start up his dream company, the Soros Hedge Fund.On paper George Soros stands for everything that the right wing of American politics should respect: he’s a self made billionaire who worked his way up from nothing in order to become the man he is today.

But Soros never forgot the man he was and consequently he has been working tirelessly to help others out. This obviously doesn’t quite fly with the modern right wing of America.Now, the election of Donald Trump has put an intense focus on the few billionaire progressives who are willing to stand up for what they believe in and fight back. That is exactly what George Soros has been doing for the better part of the past couple of years. Soros is working closely with his philanthropic foundation, the Open Society Foundations, in order to fund grassroots activists to stand up and take charge of their own destiny in Trump’s America.

The Impact Made By Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin In the Civil Rights World

Civil rights and the right to freedom of expression is one of the fundamental tenets of constitutions across the world. More advanced countries have invested in civil right bodies with the aim of strengthening the democratic principles of people.

Civil rights activism play a significant role in highlighting human rights abuses and coming up with appropriate solutions geared towards improving co-existence. United states of America has been an instrumental in developing a robust and efficient civil rights bodies that have a gone a long way in dealing with different types of human atrocities.

Through these agencies, immigrants have been able to air their views thus leading to reduced cases of discrimination. Human trafficking is another major problem affecting people from a poor background who are also sold against their will. As such, the civil rights bodies have weighed-in on the human trafficking menace that has continued to affect countries across Europe and the US.

Civil Liberties Organization is a non-profit making organization that helped many oppressed people to have their speech recognized and also fights for the rights of the elderly in the society. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

America Association of People Living with Disabilities has come up strong since its inception 1995 fighting for the rights of people with disabilities. This has encouraged many affected people to come up strongly and take their position in the society.

National Organization for Women is another vibrant civil rights body that has been at the center of fighting for inclusion of women in the governance structure. Over the years, women were known to be the weaker sex, and as such, they did not get much preference from governments in the US.

The body provides a platform in which women can exchange ideas and develop solution oriented policies to facilitate their inclusion in running of the country.

Due to pressure for change, the First Amendment was introduced in the American constitution to allow for the establishment of civil rights organization to champion for the protection of rights of the vulnerable and the immigrants.

It is also important to note that through the activism, many people have also developed an interest in investing in this field with the aim of improving the living standard of immigrants.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been involved in the struggle for human rights activism and the rights of freedom of speech and association.

They are based in Arizona and are the co-founder of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media respectively. The communication channels have been instrumental in championing for the freedom of speech and association.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin came into the limelight through a case that they won and were compensated $3.75 million. This was after they were arrested and detained by Sheriff Joe Arpaio for revealing the existence of a jury that wanted to use notes from reporters in their proceedings.

The jury also demanded to know the kind of people who accessed the information on Phoenix New Times. After winning the case, they used the proceeds to champion for the rights of immigrants.

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