Understanding the Blockchain Business with Jed McCaleb

While some of the hype is noise, some of it is realistic and important in terms of finance and investment. To be sure of how real blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses are, it is important to walk through the industry with the guidance of an experienced entrepreneur. Jed McCaleb is one such individual.

Background Data

McCaleb is a prominent programmer who capitalizes in blockchain and cryptocurrency. He is an expert and is upheld for his input and tremendous contribution in cryptocurrency. McCaleb founded Mt. Gox. This is Bitcoin’s first exchange. He has also been part of numerous pioneering projects like eDonkey. eDonkey is a decentralized, sharing network that allows users to share big files. It operates like most sharing networks in the sense that it is controlled by a server. The server enables multisource downloading.

McCaleb Launches Stellar

McCaleb is a visionary programmer. He monitors financial situations by checking observable flaws. He is keen on fixing problems by developing better versions of the same systems. Jed observed the global financial system and resorted to developing Stellar Development Foundation. He is the assistant founder and chief operating officer of the foundation. Jed manages the technical development of this platform by evaluating the financial network system.

What Is Stellar?

Stellar Development Foundation is a platform that builds financial networks by connecting banks, systems, people as well as payment platforms. It has two departments, and Jed manages both. He is in charge of coding the systems by controlling the technical team. He is also in charge of issuing critical response through emails and an additional channel of communication.


The Stellar Foundation supports stellar. This is a not-for-profit organization that uses technology to manage financial platforms. The organization is a huge contributor to open source software. Jed manages this organization as well. He spends time and effort thinking about how best he can improve the organization.

Additional Information

For those with an inspiration of joining the industry of cryptocurrency, Jed McCaleb is a role model to look up to. He understands the broken financial infrastructure and works hard to amend it. He teams up with like-minded individuals to solve these problems.

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