Interview with Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and current chairman of global property development Company DAMAC Properties. He went to the University of Washington where he studied economics and Industrial Engineering. Hussain sajwani began his career in 1982 and has since risen as a market leader serving more than 150,000 meals in a day and managing over 200 projects in various parts of the world including Africa and the Middle East.

The rapid growth of DAMAC Properties can be contributed to Hussain Sajwani’s relentless efforts as an entrepreneur. Sajwani is also listed as one of the top 100 most influential Arabs. He has demonstrated leadership skills both in his business and in the corporate world and has also won various business awards in the property industry.

How did you come up with the DAMAC Property Idea?

While growing up, I used to spend a lot of time helping in our family business. The fact that I started doing that at a very tender age was very instrumental in imparting me with entrepreneurial skills and passion for business. I also remember selling my time-share apartments and used that money as seed capital for my business.

How does your day start and end?

My day mainly involves holding meetings with members of the management team and getting updates on how my business is doing. I also spend time holding meetings with various business partners and other members of the business community.

How do you generate new business ideas?

I usually derive my inspiration by looking at Dubai and trying to figure out where it would be in the next 20 or 30 years.

What trend excites you most in the business world?

The ever-changing world of social media and digital marketing has always surprised me. The way social media started and how it has turned into a powerful marketing tool.

What habit makes you more productive as a businessman?

I love traveling the world. This has helped me to view things from different perspectives.

What best advice would you give to an upcoming entrepreneur?

I like to learn new skills and things because it helps me to rediscover myself. Besides,

I also like setting up new challenges and ensure that I overcome them.

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