The Formation of the Brown Modeling Agency

One of the world’s leading talent companies, Wilhelmina Austin, has purchased and merged with another top talent company, Talent-South, to become The Brown Agency. Justin Brown founded Wilhelmina in 2010 and has since led it from its Austin, Texas headquarters. He was not always in the management sector of the agency. He got his start by being a model himself. He first moved to California when he was 18. For the next few years, he worked in the modeling world. Then he moved to New York. During those years he modeled rocker jeans for $100 per hour.


In 2005 he moved to Austin where he started developing his own company. He opened it in 2008, calling it JB Models and Talent. The combination of the two companies provides The Brown Agency with a much better and diverse portfolio since the two companies specialized in different things. Wilhelmina was founded to discover modeling talent. Today they furnish modeling talent for some of the top brands in the world like Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, Loreal, and many, many others. Really, the brand list associated with the company is huge. There are thousands.


Its models also figure prominently the New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week, and Dallas Fashion Week. Heyman Talent-South was founded more than 5 years ago. It has always concentrated on locating and obtaining theatrical and acting talent. To that end, Michael Bonnee founder and former leader of Heyman will head the theatrical division of The Brown Agency. Justin Brown will continue as CEO and president of the Brown Agency. The merger of these two giant talent companies was finalized September 2015. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Today Brown Agency represents and places models and actors, place them on commercials, television, films, fashion advertisements, and much more. All of the leadership and all of the talent associated with the company are very encouraged about its future. You can find out more information about the company at If you are a model or actor, contact them today to see if they can represent you. There are no guarantees there, but what better than to work with the best in the business.



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