Micheal Lacey

Micheal Lacey, an American mathematician, has an enormous list of accomplishments to his name. A master of several different fields of mathematics, Lacey has studied a wide assortment of subsets of the field. Here are just a few examples of the extensive list of Lacey’s conquests: Banach Spaces, Laws of the Iterated Logarithm for Empirical Characteristic Functions, probability, Ergodic Theory, and Harmonic Functions.

Each of these are difficult undertakings in their own right, though Harmonic analysis takes the cake; It is a notoriously difficult often avoided for its intangibility.

This fact wasn’t enough to deter Lacey though, who mastered the area of study almost effortlessly. Lacey has built up a wealth of knowledge in an impressively short amount of time, having begun working as a professional in 1996. Lacey’s work as a mathematician has had an enormous impact on the field. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

Lacey has the additional distinction of having taken part of a large number of research efforts. Over the course of his career, Lacey has played an integral role in many groundbreaking studies. During his first postdoctoral position at Louisiana State University, Lacey headed a research effort regarding the Central Limit Theorem. Learn more about Michael Lacey: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=CVXnps0AAAAJ&hl=en and https://www.genealogy.math.ndsu.nodak.edu/id.php?id=62509

The effort was a success and lent itself nicely to Lacey’s growing list of accomplishments. Next, at Indiana University, Lacey was awarded an extremely coveted scholarship: one awarded by the National Science Foundation.

Using these newly acquired funds, Lacey headed a research effort to uncover more about the Hilbert transform, an elusive area of study. Lacey and his team cracked the Hilbert Transform wide open, yielding invaluable data for mathematics as a field and a fresh new feather for Lacey’s crowded cap.

For his efforts, Lacey has received many different accolades. Most recently, Lacey was awarded a position as a professor of Mathematics at the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, a position he is currently holding. In this position, Lacey strives to cultivate a passionate next generation of mathematicians.

Lacey was also awarded a Salem Prize for his research into the Hilbert Transform. Lastly, Lacey is one of the few to consider himself a fellow of the American Mathematical Institute.

How OSI Industries Delivers Food Around The World

OSI Industries is a privately held company that is in the food & beverage industry. It is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois which is a suburb of Chicago. Their food can be found at food service companies as well as in grocery stores where it is sold under the grocery chains label. It was founded in 1909 and started out as a family meat market.The owner of OSI Industries is Sheldon Lavin. He also leads this company as its chief executive officer. The other top executive is David McDonald who is the president of OSI Industries as well as its chief operations officer. McDonald has spent his entire career at OSI Industries and it was through promotions over the year that he earned his current roles.

OSI Industries is now a global operation. It has both offices and food processing plants all around the world. However, it has local management teams for each area. The reason for this, as David McDonald explains, is that by being organized this way the company has executives in each market who are very understanding about the culture and tastes of their area. McDonald says that this means OSI Industries can bring the efficiencies of operating on a global scale while also having solutions that fit each particular market.One of OSI Industries biggest markets is in China. They entered China about 20 years ago and have been a participant in growing that country’s economy. They now have a total of eight food processing plants with plans to build two more in the near future.

Once the two new plants are in operation they will be the biggest processor of poultry in China. The restaurants they supply food to in China includes fast food chains such as Papa John’s, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger King, Yum, Subway, and Saizeriya.There are a number of reasons that China has been OSI Industries fastest growing market, McDonald says. One reason is that there are so many people in that nation. The other reason, he says, is that people in that nation have become much more affluent over the past two decades.Europe has also been a big focus of OSI Industries in the last few years. For example, they bought a large food manufacturer called Baho Foods that was based in the Netherlands. They also bought the UK’s Flagship Europe. They didn’t release the terms for either of these purchases as they are not a public company.

Is OSI Industries The Real Deal In Custom Foods

Custom foods are some of the greatest inventions of mankind. Unlike the standard foods you eat, custom foods are specifically designed to introduce an exquisite new taste with added flavor. Did you know that many of today’s most popular restaurants and retailors receive their foods from the same food provider? Yes, this is correct because two different products that are sold in two different stores can come from one origin. The beauty of custom-food solutions is that the ingredients can be manipulated to create an all-new taste. This is where OSI Industries come into the picture, and it has redefined the foodservice industry to the highest degree. Lets take a closer look at to why this company is so great.

OSI Industries is an industry of its own. This mega-business controls the entire process of logistics from start to finish. The company started out as a meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. Today it is a global powerhouse of multiple businesses that are connected under one roof. OSI Industries has set the standard by which all other food providers are measured and that’s a fact. Business-acquisitions has played a huge role in its success throughout the years. In 2016, the company purchased the Tyson Foods plant in the city of Chicago. With this addition, OSI has been able to strengthen its infrastructure even more because it already has plants in the Chicagoland area.

Flagship Europe and BAHO Foods, two of Europe’s biggest food suppliers, has also been added to the team. With these acquisitions, OSI Industries can now reach many more untapped markets. Flagship Europe and BAHO Foods offer a wide array of meats, marinades, frozen desserts, dips and sauces. Another great attribute of OSI is that it retains many of the job positions from the previous owner. The company isn’t into monopolizing and freezing-out others. It’s looking to build long-term relationships among its equity-holders. This is the most ethical and correct way of doing business at the highest of level. Ideas are turned into dreams, and dreams are manifested into a reality.

Gregory Aziz: A Century of Successful Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Gregory James Aziz serves as the chief executive officer of National Steer Car (NSC). He has been an employee of this company since 1994. NSC put together more than a century of distinction in the fields of manufacturing and engineering as well as an unbending commitment to premium service. This enterprise gained the status as the primary manufacturer of railroad shipment and railroad car (wagon) in North America.



Employees as Foundation stone


Gregory James Aziz emphasized the workforce comprise the bedrock of any corporate organization. An institution that follows this model becomes more vibrant, resourceful, diverse, and committed. According to Greg James Aziz, NSC does not stop in elevating its standards and responding to challenges. In fact, NSC represents the only railcar enterprise with ISO or International Organization for Standardization (9001: 2008).


This particular ISO spells out prerequisites for a top-quality system of management where the entity must showcase its capacity to provide products that conform to client requirements as well as the required legal requirements. The ISO also seeks to bolster client contentment utilizing the efficient system application and guarantee of compliance with customer and relevant regulations.



Achievements and Drive to Succeed


This North American railcar firm obtained not only the ISO rating but the TTX SECO Honor as well. This company continues to pursue excellence to become the leader in the manufacturing of railcars in this region. At present, some 2, 000 employees help fortify NSC as one of the trustworthy manufacturers of premium railcars in this part of the world. Greg Aziz emphasized that engineering remains as one of the more energetic fields. A flourishing engineering company needs to take on changes positively. Also, modern-day firms must understand that customer relationships form another element that will determine the success of downfall of any business undertaking.



Impressive Credentials and Experience


Entrepreneur James Aziz graduated from the Western Ontario University. He attended to the family business right away after graduation. The family of Gregory James Aziz operated a booming wholesale food venture known as Affiliated Foods. He relocated to New York and worked in an investment banking corporation for many years. In fact, the NSC earned the TTX SECO honors for 13 successive years. Visit This Page for related information


 This corporation preserved its prominent position because of the unwavering focus on producing outstanding merchandise. NSC does not focus on previous accomplishments alone. On the contrary, it strives to come up with newer remedies and processes in the railcar marketplace. Through the able stewardship of Gregory J Aziz, NSC entered into a collaborative venture with the community in Hamilton to improve the living standards of residents. NSC employs around 2, 000 residents from Hamilton. It also subsidized charities such as the Theater Aquarius and Hamilton Opera.


More on: http://gregaziz1.strikingly.com/

Securus Technologies Correctional Firm of International Repute

Securus Technologies is a company that provides modern and highly efficient criminal justice and civic technologies to the correctional market. Since its launch in 1986, the company has made tremendous progress, and today, it is one of the pioneers in the penitentiary technology. The company has been lauded by the industry experts as well as its customers for being consistent with its quality and services. Over the years, Securus Technologies has also bagged numerous awards for its quality services, including the Gold Stevie Awards for the best customer service training. Winning the competition for the first time it participated in such a competitive category only goes on to show how strong the company has been managing its internal structure.


Rick Smith, who became the company’s CEO in 2008, has helped in making significant improvements in the company’s policies and management. It has impacted the growth of the business positively and also ensured that it continues to expand in the correctional field. The policies implemented by Rick Smith have been useful in adding new products and services under the service portfolio of the company. One of the new services that have been highly talked about in the correctional industry is Video Visitation facility. It has given the inmates and their family members facility to talk to each other via video communication. It ensures that the family members and friends can see their inmate loved one and not only talk over the phone. It saves the hassle of traveling all the way to the prison facility. It saves time and money for the inmates and their family members.


Securus Technologies has been getting letters of appreciation from the law enforcement agencies and recently it decided to make many of the comments in these letters public. It did so by publishing a press release recently with excerpts from the letters of law enforcement officers who wrote to the company appreciating them for their services.



Gregory Aziz: The Savior of National Steel Car

In 1994, one section of the railroad industry went through a major restructuring. For years, the railroads had been in decline, giving way to other forms of transportation that offered more destinations and pickup locations for customers, as well as promises of faster and more efficient deliveries. This hurt the railroads that had been forming the backbone of North America for years. Luckily, in 1994, Gregory J Aziz, a prominent businessman and investor, made a huge change and brought one company back from the brink of destruction.


Greg Aziz had been interested in business ever since he graduated from the University of Western Ontario. Born and raised in Canada, he was always aware of the importance that the railroads played, and he knew that he would one day become an integral part of that industry. He started his business career, however, in the food industry at a company his family owned.


Not knowing what to expect, his colleagues were blown away when they discovered the talent that Gregory J. Aziz brought to the table. He managed to work with new suppliers and customers for  Affiliated Foods, expanding the distribution network of the Company from central Canada into the United States. He even helped the company expand their network into Europe and South America, importing more highly-sought-after foods than ever before. He truly was a Master of Business. After spending some time investing his money and saving up, he wanted a new challenge. Gregory J Aziz thought back to his days interested in the railroads and decided that he would purchase National Steel Car in 1994.


National Steel Car had been around for almost a century. The Company focused on the manufacturing of several different types of rolling stock for trains, including tanker cars, boxcars, hoppers, and coal cars. Recently, however, the company had been in a decline along with the rest of the railroad industry. Greg Aziz brought them back. He instituted a policy of hiring more and increasing cash flow to capital projects. He used his business acumen to secure more customers and cheaper materials, while concurrently focusing on the core strength of what made National Steel Car so great in the past: engineering talent.


Under his leadership, the revenues of National Steel Car grew to over $200 million each year. With the new employees and capital projects, production capacity grew over 300 percent, and the labor force at the Company went from just 600 workers to over 3,000. This just goes to show that Greg Aziz is capable of bringing even a dying industry back from the dead due to his amazing skill in business and ability to manage.  View Additional Info Here.

The Formation of the Brown Modeling Agency

One of the world’s leading talent companies, Wilhelmina Austin, has purchased and merged with another top talent company, Talent-South, to become The Brown Agency. Justin Brown founded Wilhelmina in 2010 and has since led it from its Austin, Texas headquarters. He was not always in the management sector of the agency. He got his start by being a model himself. He first moved to California when he was 18. For the next few years, he worked in the modeling world. Then he moved to New York. During those years he modeled rocker jeans for $100 per hour.


In 2005 he moved to Austin where he started developing his own company. He opened it in 2008, calling it JB Models and Talent. The combination of the two companies provides The Brown Agency with a much better and diverse portfolio since the two companies specialized in different things. Wilhelmina was founded to discover modeling talent. Today they furnish modeling talent for some of the top brands in the world like Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, Loreal, and many, many others. Really, the brand list associated with the company is huge. There are thousands.


Its models also figure prominently the New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week, and Dallas Fashion Week. Heyman Talent-South was founded more than 5 years ago. It has always concentrated on locating and obtaining theatrical and acting talent. To that end, Michael Bonnee founder and former leader of Heyman will head the theatrical division of The Brown Agency. Justin Brown will continue as CEO and president of the Brown Agency. The merger of these two giant talent companies was finalized September 2015. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Today Brown Agency represents and places models and actors, place them on commercials, television, films, fashion advertisements, and much more. All of the leadership and all of the talent associated with the company are very encouraged about its future. You can find out more information about the company at www.brownagency.com. If you are a model or actor, contact them today to see if they can represent you. There are no guarantees there, but what better than to work with the best in the business.



What People Need to know about Personalized Merchandising

If you are interested in how to best market your products and services online, you may want to look into a new trend in online strategies, specifically as it relates the success of ecommerce. Even though there is a big wave of new innovative solutions in this industry, one of the more essential involves dealing with the personal side of the company’s merchandising experience. It does not matter if the customer is currently shopping around for merchandise or looking for affordable prices to meet their needs, there are some new tools on the market that can help business owners today. Some of which involve the use of intelligent merchandising. With these and other similar tools and resources, the savvier businessman will do whatever is required to provide the best type of Personalized Merchandising solutions for their organizations.

To make sure you have the tools that you need to offer the best experience possible, here are a few things that you may want to know if you want to optimize your Personalized Merchandising opportunities.

#1 – Identify Opportunities and then Prioritize them Accordingly

When an owner is looking for the best performing personalized merchandising options for their business, they may start by identifying and prioritizing the opportunities that they have available to them. Typically, when done well, business owners will be able to increase their conversions, while also improving their product listing pages and their overall customer journey.

#2. Prepare to take Action

One of the best things about these opportunities is having the right tools to deploy the right types of strategies. So, once the strategies have been designed by a company’s merchandising team, the next step in these processes is to take action. Fortunately, when the company is using the right tools like a dashboard to assist them with creating a personalized merchandising experience, business owners can make the appropriate decisions. It is also important to note that these changes can be made via dashboard technology without having to contact IT support resources to make the necessary modifications.

#3. Target and then Test

When actions have been taken, the owner of the site and their representatives will need to follow up with their target by testing out the results. For instance, these tests can track several different factors including improvement in revenue, conversion rates, and customer engagement. All of which can help a new company to immolate the success of small companies and big corporations that have their own ecommerce stores. Read more at wikipedia.com about Sentient.