Kevin Seawright Builds Teams For Community Development

Crunchbase revealed that successful economic strategist Kevin Seawright is a strong ally for Newark’s community development. As EVP and CFO of Newark Economic Development Corporation he has taken his broad expertise in reorganization and financial strategy and created an efficient and response team dedicated to the building and encouraging of the economic strength of Newark CIty through investment, including homeownership and small business creation within struggling and declining neighborhoods.

Inspiring and developing efficient teams, both within his organization and within the community itself is the secret with which he has been creating the possibility of affordable homeownership within declining communities.

Re-building communities through the property ownership has been one of his main strategies, as he believes that owning a home is one of the best ways to invest in a neighborhood and encourage a caring community.

He has also been committing his leadership into ensuring individual homeowners will remain invested in their neighborhoods and continue to occupy their homes.

Kevin Seawright and his team at Newark Economic Development Corporation have also actively encouraged small businesses to develop and thrive as well as encouraging external corporate investment to increase economic growth, employment opportunities and create stable and robust neighborhoods, ones with economic durability, prosperity and property owners to feel safe and proud of their communities.

This community pride and wealth that will be of immense benefit to Newark and its continued growth and success. Read more: Increasing Baltimore Homeownership is Goal of RPS Solutions New Partnership with National Community Stabilization Trust and  Newark economic development group names CFO

During his personal time, he doesn’t leave his passion for the community and teamwork when he leaves his office.

When not spending time with his family, he spends time coaching local sports teams and is currently serving on the advisory board of the Babe Ruth Museum. He also participates in the Newark Holiday Drives and is an advocate for education opportunities.

With his passion for building teams to empower Newark’s neighborhoods and his active participation within the community itself, He and his team at Newark Economic Development Corporation will continue to encourage the growth and stability of Newark and continue to find stimulating opportunities for the city.

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