Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a well establish real estate business person who has gone through many to reach where he is today. He attended several institutions in which Harvard university is one, Hofstra University is another, just to mention a few.

He came out of the University as a banking student and worked in the banking industry for a while and decided to shift his career to support his family business which is real estate based on his own personal and research he did which help him to finally arrive at that decision of joining his family business. In 2002 he found out in Florida where he later relocated, that there was a need to enter into real estate industry to help push it to the next level.

He has done his possible best in the industry and still doing, Samuel Strauch doesn’t only deals in the real estate industry but also is an investor who invests in the restaurant business as well as internet investment such as stock and many more. He advises on meditation because to him it is something that has helped him to reach where he is today. According to him, he set aside sometime in the morning to meditate on few things and that gives him the positive edge to face the day’s activities. He edges each and everyone to try the meditation method because it has helped him and could help others as well. Samuel Strauch is an inspiration to many in the state of Miami, Florida and the entire nation.

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