Surprisingly easy tips for throwing a party from an expert

Some people make party planning look so easy. Visual social media platforms are filled with clever party decorations and mouthwatering food to die for. Advice from these professionals can go a long way if you are new to the party planning game. Here a some tips from a top party planner.


First things first, get yourself a pad and pen and start jotting down notes. If you are organized from the get-go you will save a lot of time and stress. No one needs anymore stress. Keep it simple. You would think that a pro would start telling you all this complicated information that would make your head spin. It is completely not necessary. If you are new to this, or don’t have an endless amount of time on your hands, it is VERY important to keep it easy and simple. Decor can be nice and fun, you don’t have to pull your hair out trying to make somethings you saw on Pinterest. The fact is that your guests are not there to critique your Papier-mâché skills, but rather spend time with friends and loved ones, oh, and maybe have a killer cocktail! That is why having a self-serve bar at your party will be an instant hit. Maybe have your favorite cocktail while chatting up guests so you can be a relaxed and fun host. You can even invent your own signature cocktail for the party, and then serve it to all your friends. Food can be served in the form of Hors d’oeuvre or appetizers if you will. They are super easy to make, tasty, and fun to eat. You also don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to serve to your guests. Don’t forget to send out invites, and hand out party favors. Guests will appreciate the extra mile you took to make them feel special.


Entertainment, photography, and lighting is what you can expect from event planning companies in NYC, but Twenty Three Layers go above and beyond the call of duty to impress their clients. They also offer branding, custom printing, styling, and much more.


Twenty Three Layers are also corporate event planners in NYC. Some of their big name corporate clients include Google, Microsoft, Zico, and Hugo Boss. They have connections to some of the most sought after vendors, and exclusive establishments.

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Fabletics Competes with Amazon for Fashion Retail Market

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive in the economy. There are a number of companies that are looking to sell a variety of products and face a lot of competition. Getting into this market can be quite difficult at times due to the fact that Amazon controls about 20% of it. While this may seem like an obstacle to a number of fashion retailers, there is one company that has been able to succeed in the fashion retail industry. Fabletics is a new company that specializes in providing athletic apparel for women. During its brief existence, the company has been able to offer consumers quality products as well as emerge as one of the top companies in the fashion industry. The company uses a reverse showroom technique that allows it to make sales more frequently and more efficiently.


Fabletics has become one of the top fashion retailers by adopting a reverse showroom technique. This method consists of allowing consumers to browse inventory on the internet and then make a purchase decision. They then come to a location to complete a purchase. With this technique, Fabletics ahs been in position to boost sales figures and provide consumers with a much more satisfying shopping experience. This method has resulted in allowing consumers to carefully evaluate the available products and then purchase the ones that best meet their needs. Unlike other retailers in the fashion industry, Fabletics doesn’t focus on consumers browsing a location and then making a purchase online. As a result, the company has been able to more efficiently generate high revenues more consistently.


Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics and has built this company into one of the best in the fashion industry within a few years. She is a celebrity who looked to develop a line of athletic apparel that offered consumers style and affordability. Kate developed a line of products such as leggings, sports bras, shits and jackets that allow women to exercise in comfort. Within the brief existence of the company, Kate has designed and offered a number of products that are among the most stylish in the industry. As a result, a number of consumers have been able to wear athletic apparel that suits their personality and needs.


Along with developing a line of athletic apparel, Kate has also looked to ensure that consumers keep coming back for more products on a regular basis. This is what prompted her to adopt a subscription model that allows consumers to buy products on a regular basis. The main incentive that consumers get is that they can buy products at a discount price. In order to help provide consumers with the best shopping experience, Kate offers shoppers to complete the Lifestyle Quiz which enables them to find the Fabletics products that best meet their lifestyle needs.

U.S. Money Reserve; Leading Distributors of U.S. Government-Issued Coins

Investing in precious metal coins is highly rewarding. Investors are making huge profits within short periods. It is essential to go for a company that is certified to deal with gold, silver as well as platinum metals if one wants to realize profits. U.S. Money Reserve is the most trusted company when it comes to government-issued silver, gold and platinum trading in the market. The company offers guidance to investors when it comes to purchasing of these precious metals. Learn more:



U.S. Money Reserve has experts who work with clients in diversifying their assets. Gold and silver coins are highly valued, and people who want to keep their wealth as these coins can get services at these company. Investors can also sell these metal at higher prices depending on the market prices and make huge profits. The company has helped many individuals get financial freedom and feel secure with precious metal investments.



U.S. Money Reserve has come with the best customer service system that offers credible services to precious metal buyers. It aims to create a long-term relationship with clients across the country helping them find products that come with high-profit potential at all levels. They have helped many make huge profits as a result of wise purchases. The company has employed highly trained staff who aim to help clients when it comes to government-issued silver, gold as well as platinum trade. The staff takes time to explain all details about purchasing precious metal coins and helps them select the highly valued coins in the market.



On top of helping precious coin investors, U.S. Money Reserve has participated in raising funds to assist victims of Hurricane Harvey. This company is based in Texas, and it values residents of the region. The storm brought damage and left many residents homeless. Properties were destroyed, and the victims needed support to start new lives. It required considerable funds to bring the Texas coastline up again. As a result, U.S. Money Reserve joined hands with Austin Disaster Relief Network to raise donations to help the affected individuals.



They were able to raise $219622 which have gone directly to help all victims affected by the storm in the Texas Gulf Coast Region. Angela Koch, CEO of U.S Money Reserve said that it was important for the company to join hand with others to help their neighbors and friends affected by the disaster. She also said that they were happy to support organizations like ADRN who want to see those affected start new lives. Learn more:




Ted Bauman Helping Investors Keep their Wealth with Informed Investing

     Bitcoins have become a large interest to the public recently. While not everyone understands their use entrepreneur and editor Ted Bauman wrote and published an interesting article about the cyber currency. The article reaches into the future several years to 2020 and how bitcoin can be used for travel instead of cash or credit cards. That is until getting to a place like an airport parking garage that does not take this form of currency or the transaction with bitcoin takes twenty minutes.

Mr. Bauman continues explaining that if the underlying technology for bitcoins is not updated to meet expectations it will not become a type of currency. Though he says this technology is being worked on to change its current form. But that it is possible to profit from bitcoin, which is a cyber currency. Currently, this is a currency that exists within a network of computers. This has an advantage though since it is private it is both secure and free of manipulation by governments.

In his newsletter The Bauman Letter, he explained a little more about bitcoins including how they were created. When new bitcoins are created it is a process called mining. Bitcoin transactions are processed at the same time so people trying to send or receive bitcoins have to wait until the mining process is completed. This can result in slow transactions with a bitcoin network that is only able to process approximately 6.5 transactions per second. It then results in an average bitcoin transaction taking about ten minutes, but in some cases last year it took over forty-two minutes.

Ted Bauman an expert in finances is the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, Smart Money Alert and Plan B Club. His focus is on finding safe ways to help people protect and grow their wealth. Mr. Bauman joined Hill Publishing in 2013 and specializes in asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, privacy and international migration issues. One other focus Mr. Bauman has is providing sound advice for people who are retired to grow their wealth safely.

Mr. Bauman’s articles published in The Bauman Letter include topics like smarter and safer gains missed, debt is the invisible threat to wealth and an article about his algorithm to beat the market. The articles are short and to the point providing information to readers that can help them understand the market, new technology and how to protect their investments.