Ted Bauman: Taxes Aren’t the Problem

     Taxes are the bane of some people’s existence. They represent a huge financial barrier to prosperity for many Americans or they create resentment towards the government for others. There are still some who regard the taxation process with a degree of ambivalence, but Ted Bauman wants to talk about taxes and debt seriously in his article, Debt: The Invisible Threat to Your Wealth. According to Bauman, this article is a powerful motivator towards the steps individuals must take to secure debt relief. He explains that while it is popular to blame high taxes for the discrepancies present in paychecks, it might be more affected by personal debt and creditors.

Bauman is insistent that debt is the real monster, particularly credit card debt, mortgage debt, and personal loan debt. People are may barely be noticing the interest increases the same way that taxes increases are noticed, but they are just as important to individual wealth as taxes are. The problem might be that politicians use tax cuts as a platform, but credit debt is never mentioned. The reason that debt is so detrimental is that interest is causing false inflation on goods. This means that costs are increasing, but people believe that they are still getting high-quality products. They may even be buying things that they don’t necessarily need. Along with low-quality items and the overuse of credit debt, Americans are experiencing a decreased standard of living.

Bauman has a solution to this problem. Instead of relying on credit, Americans can cut that down on expenses and rely solely on their income. It might sound hard, but he believes that it would be better than getting a tax cut. By eliminating the overuse of credit cards and other types of debt, consumers would purposefully be reducing creditor’s influence on themselves and the market in general. After an adjustment period, they could be living a completely different life.

At this time, Ted Bauman continues to offer his sage financial wisdom through his position as an Editorial Director for Banyan Hill Publishing. He has completed substantial work in his field, contributing positively to his overall knowledge. He chose to work on writing full time to embolden the public with the accurate knowledge they can use to participate in sound financial planning. In addition to finances, Bauman is also well versed in privacy matters, international migration issues, and investment strategies. He is an avid writer and releases work frequently with Banyan Hill Publishing.


Advertising Expert Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the president and global chief executive officer at Crispin Porter and Bogusky advertising agency. She earned a degree in sales and marketing. She has worked with many well known companies including Staples, Nestle, Xbox, Weight Watcher’s, Sprint, Applebee’s, InBev, Nabisco, and Molson. Her career also includes being Coca Cola’s Global Accountant Director. From October 2005 until 2008, she worked at DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. as their chief marketing officer.

She has earned the reputation of being an expert in advertising, integrated marketing, and a digital strategist. She is knowledgeable in E- commerce by providing creative direction, and how to develop and create business ideas. Senecal has earned several awards and achievements including being named in Bloomberg’s Power 100 List for two consecutive years. This award recognizes her role as an influential leader in marketing, media, and technology.

Lori Senecal coordinates around 10 international offices at Crisper Porter and Bogusky. Her professional career began at Interpublic Group companies. In 2016, the company was listed among the creative innovators of the year. They reported an increase of revenues by 21% through creative risk taking techniques implemented since Senecal has been working for the company.

Senecal is a self described shy, introvert. She enrolled in Montreal’s McGill University as a business major before taking an interest in marketing. After graduation she moved to Toronto to work at Vickers and Benson Advertising Limited. While there she worked on the Ford account in the media department. Working at the agency allowed her to develop social and performing skills. She learned how to speak to large audiences at dealer conferences. She embraced her new experiences and honed her skills. One well known campaign she worked on is with Kraft promoting their macaroni and cheese. In 2015, when the company began removing artificial ingredients from the product, Crispin Porter and Bogusky advised them not to do any promotions. Kraft did print the change on their boxes. According to Ideamensch, after selling 50 million boxes they then launched an advertising campaign in 2016 promoting the reformulation. Kraft then released a print that said “We would have invited you to try it, but you already have.” This is an example of the risk taking strategy she employs that paid off as the advertisement received more than 200 million conversations on social media the day it was announced.


Matt Badiali: The Invested Geologist

     With his intimate knowledge of the geology field and his sharp attention to detail, Matt Badiali is making waves in the world of natural resource investment. As a Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, Badiali has the unique experience to provide his insight to a variety of readers hoping to learn more about these types of investment opportunities. Through his publication, Real Wealth Strategist, and his plethora of free reading material available through Banyan Hill Publishing, Badiali is changing the way everyday investors see the natural resource industry. This publication is not only up-to-date with innovative information, but it is backed by the certainty of a seasoned veteran of the natural resource field.

An expert in the mining and natural resource industries, Badiali has worked tirelessly to hone his craft. After receiving his Master’s in Geology from Florida Atlantic University, Badiali moved into his field first as a geologist for a mining company and then as a consultant for an environmental company. In this way, he saw both the industrial and conservative sides of natural resource development. This skill is still something he uses to help him as he navigates through proposed investments to find the most lucrative opportunities he can for his audience. In truth, Badiali has always been interested in maintaining a very involved approach to his work. It appears that Badiali never forgets where he came from and he is not afraid to go to mining and oil well locations and get “dirty” in the pursuit of the information he needs to provide the best possible advice. He uses his extensive knowledge and experience in the mining industry to survey the drilling teams of these sites, measuring their competence levels and success chances.

Badiali is always interested in the best possible outcome. He works to make sure that the information he provides to his clients and readers is accurate as well. The pride he takes in his work is unique and unmatched by many within his industry. This has afforded him the opportunity to share the stage with many formidable individuals within the natural resource industry, only adding to his overall expert level within his field. He is nothing if he is not considered committed to the information that he provides. For the past 11 years, he has dedicated himself to finding excellent investment opportunities for those individuals that hope to break into the natural resource market. Surely, Badiali is changing the way people look at investment through his hard work and dedication.

Once again, the Saudi rhetoric machine swings into gear. And as usual, the market follows right along.Saudi Arabia…

Posted by Matt Badiali on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Life and Work of Ted Bauman

     In the year 2013, Ted Bauman got admitted to The Sovereign Society in Sep. He works as the editor of The Bauman Letter and also as the editor of Plan B Club. His work is mainly centered on the protection of assets and issues that deal with international migration. On top of that, Ted is also the editor of Smart Money Alert. Smart Money Alert is an advisory group that is established on a trading system that is rule-based. Other than that, this group has never lost in the ten years it has been operating.

Ted was born in Washington, D.C. He grew up in Maryland on the Eastern Shore. Later on, when he grew up, and he was a young man, Ted went to South Africa. He attended the University of Cape Town where he graduated with a postgraduate degree having specialized in Economics and History. Ted has a 25-year career in South Africa. During this 25 years, he got an opportunity to serve in various exclusive positions in non-profit sectors. He once served as the fund manager in a project that was geared towards building low-cost housing.

After this job, he got the job of a consultant where he used to do a lot of research and do a lot of writing on topics such as housing, finance, and urban planning for different clients such as the government of South Africa, United Nations, and grant-making agencies in Europe. During this period, he also got the opportunity to travel a lot, and he did a lot of touring in the continents of Africa, Europe, and Asia.

In 2008, Ted Bauman traveled back to the United States of America. He was offered a job and worked as the Director of International Housing Programs. That program is under the international Habitat for Humanity that is found in Atlanta, Georgia. During this period, Ted got the opportunity to extend his traveling escapades to the regions of Latin America and also in the Caribbean. He did not stop what he loved to do.

He continued to do a lot of research, and he did comprehensive writing on the topic of International Development. In the year 2013, Ted resigned from his job as the Director of International Housing Programs at the Habitat for Humanity. He focused all his time on being a full-time researcher and a full-time writer. That has led Ted to be published in several international journals such as the Journal of Microfinance and many others.