The Impact Made By Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin In the Civil Rights World

Civil rights and the right to freedom of expression is one of the fundamental tenets of constitutions across the world. More advanced countries have invested in civil right bodies with the aim of strengthening the democratic principles of people.

Civil rights activism play a significant role in highlighting human rights abuses and coming up with appropriate solutions geared towards improving co-existence. United states of America has been an instrumental in developing a robust and efficient civil rights bodies that have a gone a long way in dealing with different types of human atrocities.

Through these agencies, immigrants have been able to air their views thus leading to reduced cases of discrimination. Human trafficking is another major problem affecting people from a poor background who are also sold against their will. As such, the civil rights bodies have weighed-in on the human trafficking menace that has continued to affect countries across Europe and the US.

Civil Liberties Organization is a non-profit making organization that helped many oppressed people to have their speech recognized and also fights for the rights of the elderly in the society. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

America Association of People Living with Disabilities has come up strong since its inception 1995 fighting for the rights of people with disabilities. This has encouraged many affected people to come up strongly and take their position in the society.

National Organization for Women is another vibrant civil rights body that has been at the center of fighting for inclusion of women in the governance structure. Over the years, women were known to be the weaker sex, and as such, they did not get much preference from governments in the US.

The body provides a platform in which women can exchange ideas and develop solution oriented policies to facilitate their inclusion in running of the country.

Due to pressure for change, the First Amendment was introduced in the American constitution to allow for the establishment of civil rights organization to champion for the protection of rights of the vulnerable and the immigrants.

It is also important to note that through the activism, many people have also developed an interest in investing in this field with the aim of improving the living standard of immigrants.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been involved in the struggle for human rights activism and the rights of freedom of speech and association.

They are based in Arizona and are the co-founder of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media respectively. The communication channels have been instrumental in championing for the freedom of speech and association.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin came into the limelight through a case that they won and were compensated $3.75 million. This was after they were arrested and detained by Sheriff Joe Arpaio for revealing the existence of a jury that wanted to use notes from reporters in their proceedings.

The jury also demanded to know the kind of people who accessed the information on Phoenix New Times. After winning the case, they used the proceeds to champion for the rights of immigrants.

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