Duda Melzer, an Internationally Recognized Business Leader

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is also known simply as “Duda.” A personable and practical media mogul, he’s taken his family’s business in Brazil to all new heights. With much hard work and dedication, he’s been rewarded as a widely recognized leader in the media world, especially in South America. Grupo RBS was initially started well over a half century ago by Duda’s grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. The company works in traditional media outlets such as news, radio, and television. Under Duda’s direction, e.Bricks Digital and e.Bricks Ventures were founded to advance Brazilian media in the digital world.

As Eduardo Sirotski Melzer has a keen business sense, his predictions were right. Ranking in online value for customer’s, e.Bricks Digital has ranked among such giants as Globo and Google. A unique aspect is that the company not only produces and markets digital media, but it also provides venture capital and private equity funding for companies wanting to get started selling online. The criteria are rather rigid, as the companies must already have a track record of success, and be anticipated to have a great potential for online growth. To date, the company has provided well over 300 million in funding to several clients.

Duda Melzer was destined for success and made sure he took the steps to accomplish it. Graduating with an MBA from Harvard University, he worked as an analyst in finance. He also ran an “unconventional” media company by the name of BoxTop Media in New York City. While working in the US, he also made advances for his family’s business by tapping into the Brazilian market living in the states. For more details visit Valor.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also has worked on charity projects in the organization named after his grandfather. The group raises social awareness for affected youth in Brazil. Working alongside government, they tackle the issues affecting the communities in which they live. Duda Melzer is certainly a notable figure not only as a Brazilian entrepreneur but as an international leader as well. You can also check Odiario for more info.

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