How Securus Technologies is Preventing Local Crimes

Me and my fellow officers have a number of ways that we work to prevent crimes in our city. The power of the local informants can not be underestimated, they are able to feed us information that is critical in keeping fugitives from doing things that will put residents in danger. The problem is when we are dealing with a suspect like a gang member who has no family, informants are too terrified to try and come forward.


This month we were chasing a fugitive who was committing robberies at gunpoint, and hiding within the network of safe houses provided by the gangs. Each time my team was closing in, his gang would call in false reports to have us chasing our tails. If we didn’t take charge of the situation fast, we were going to wind up with a situation where someone was going to get seriously injured or killed at the next robbery.


In an effort to get control of this situation, we took the team to the local prison to try to get a few inmates to help. Knowing they would not talk directly to us for fear of being labeled a snitch, we did know they would run to the phones to get to their friends or family. That was exactly what happened, and the Securus Technologies monitoring system was able to pick up any conversations pertaining to our suspect.


The Securus Technologies call monitoring system is in 2,600 jails, and the CEO of the company says his team of thousand employees are committed to making the world safe. We were able to use the system to pick up when a lower level gang member hit the phones to warn his cousin to tell our suspect to stay out of sight for a few days. We used that conversation to connect the dots and locate that fugitive very quickly.


Why We Should All Emulate Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a woman to be emulated. Not just by American women, but by all Americans in general. She is a businesswoman, politician, reformer and philanthropist. Fortunate enough to amass wealth in their lifetime, DeVos and her husband, Dick, have put a considerable portion of it towards helping those in need in the areas of leadership, arts, justice, community support, and education.Betsy and Dick DeVos founded the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. The two saw the foundation as a platform to both help and express their ideals on what is good and how people can uphold being good. As a result, the Foundation is greatly focused on faith and has on numerous occasions supported evangelical missions, Christina schools and a raft of other conservative programs. A look at foundations educational support in the 15 years between 1999 and 2015 shows that the Foundation extended the greatest deal of support towards Christian schools, with donations amounting to close to $9 million, followed by charter schools, which received donations amounting to approximately $5 million, while public schools came last with a small donation of $59,750.

Betsy DeVos’ greatest impact has been in the field of education. While most of the fame she has garnered in the education sector stems from her various endeavors to reform the system to take the best structure possible, she has also been helping students from all around the country access quality education even while the reform is ongoing. Since before the formation of her family foundation, DeVos has provided outstanding, but less able, students, with scholarships. She has also provided funds to schools that have performed exceptionally well. For example, in 2014 alone, the family foundation gave $652 thousand to the Ada Christian School alone.

The organization has also done a lot beyond educational-focused donations. In totality, the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is estimated to have raised approximately $139 million between its formation in 1989 and 2015. Programs targeted at the arts have received significant donations both from the Foundation and directly from DeVos. The DeVos family in 2009 launched a free-to-all art competition that is held every year in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Additionally, DeVos has in individual capacity greatly supported the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. In 2010, she gave the Center its largest private donation when she provided $22.5 million. The donation was aimed at helping the Center continue with its practical and creative communities following the global financial crisis that had hit only two years earlier.It is very calming that such a kind-hearted individual has recently been selected as the incumbent Secretary of Education for the country. If she continues as she has with her philanthropic and reformist past, there is no doubt that America has little to worry about in Betsy DeVos’ hands.

Logan Stout; Star Athlete Turned Successful Entrepreneur

When he was young, Logan Stout enjoyed playing sport and was coming up with winning strategies. He was born and raised in Richardson, Texas and was in his school’s Student Athletic Council and was an MVP in both junior and senior basketball seasons. At Pearce, he was a varsity player in both baseball and basketball.

Logan became a professional baseball player and his field time includes 17 World Series events either playing or coaching. He earned a degree in psychology from the University of Dallas and was awarded many titles in college, and he also coached the Dallas Baptist University and played with the Fort Worth Cats after college.

Logan Stout is a mentor who enjoys seeing children improve. He is also the CEO and Founder of the Dallas Patriots, and he aims to make training accessible to everyone, and they offer baseball camps and clinics and even personalized classes and have volunteer positions open for willing people. Stout would like every player to see the potential in themselves.

Logan’s approach made him a successful entrepreneur. He would like to see people have the best physical health which led him to come up with a range of healthcare products in 2014 called ID Life.The line comprises of energy supplements to sleep strips and even weight management pills. Logan Stout offers a free personalized assessment that will ensure the consumer gets the correct products. By doing this, he has become an advocate for physical health.

Mr. Stout also has a book, and in this book, he educates people on different strategies that have guided him through his whole life. He explains how to develop and maintain a winning strategy, and he has also given out many motivational speeches. His book is called “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams.”

Logan has been featured in many journals and publications about his work with the Dallas Patriots and his ID Life line.

About Logan Stout

Logan Stout is an accomplished athlete, businessman, philanthropist, entrepreneur, author, and motivational life coach. He is the founder and CEO of ID Life produced from the highest quality ingredients that provide customized nutritional supplements to suit a person’s goals.

Logan Stout’s products have been endorsed by the likes of Seth Godin, Stephen Covey, Nido Quebin, John Asaraf and Michael Getber as few examples.

Duda Melzer, an Internationally Recognized Business Leader

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is also known simply as “Duda.” A personable and practical media mogul, he’s taken his family’s business in Brazil to all new heights. With much hard work and dedication, he’s been rewarded as a widely recognized leader in the media world, especially in South America. Grupo RBS was initially started well over a half century ago by Duda’s grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. The company works in traditional media outlets such as news, radio, and television. Under Duda’s direction, e.Bricks Digital and e.Bricks Ventures were founded to advance Brazilian media in the digital world.

As Eduardo Sirotski Melzer has a keen business sense, his predictions were right. Ranking in online value for customer’s, e.Bricks Digital has ranked among such giants as Globo and Google. A unique aspect is that the company not only produces and markets digital media, but it also provides venture capital and private equity funding for companies wanting to get started selling online. The criteria are rather rigid, as the companies must already have a track record of success, and be anticipated to have a great potential for online growth. To date, the company has provided well over 300 million in funding to several clients.

Duda Melzer was destined for success and made sure he took the steps to accomplish it. Graduating with an MBA from Harvard University, he worked as an analyst in finance. He also ran an “unconventional” media company by the name of BoxTop Media in New York City. While working in the US, he also made advances for his family’s business by tapping into the Brazilian market living in the states. For more details visit Valor.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also has worked on charity projects in the organization named after his grandfather. The group raises social awareness for affected youth in Brazil. Working alongside government, they tackle the issues affecting the communities in which they live. Duda Melzer is certainly a notable figure not only as a Brazilian entrepreneur but as an international leader as well. You can also check Odiario for more info.

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