Cotemar is Growing Right Along with the Oil Industry

About 38 years ago, Cotemar was formed in Mexico. It began as a company aimed at becoming a service provider for the Mexican oil industry but since then has become the largest provider of offshore service for the entire country of Mexico.

The company began operations in Mexico in 1979 and has continued to grow and flourish since then. Cotemar’s mission statement reads, “We are a leading company that offers products and services in the oil and gas industry, with high standards of quality and security, environmental protection, effectiveness to our clients, based on our efficient processes, implemented with industry-leading technology and success driven people, institutional values, contributing to the development of our country.”

Cotemar, now boasting a huge fleet of more than 30 specialized vessels, offers maintenance services of platforms and processing center in several offshore facilities along with platforms. The company also offers work decks for the construction of pre-fabricated equipment and storage areas. Cotemar also offers semi-submersible platforms along with diving equipment that is needed for the work and even provides food, catering, laundry services and ironing. Recreational services such as gyms, cinemas, and television viewing rooms are also provided by Cotemar to offshore drilling facilities.

Cotemar provides these multitudes of services to companies like Pemex. It assists companies such as Pemex in developing technologies that make it possible to extract oil at offshore sites along with providing things like air travel, marine operation, and the construction of vessels.

The officials at Cotemar strive to continually expand services that they offer by setting up indicators of effectiveness to gauge what works, what does not, and what is still needed. Cotemar is always focused on ensuring that all services offered are of high-quality to all of their customers and clients.

As the Mexican oil industry braces to expand, Cotemar is in an awesome position to offer its clients services that would otherwise be next to impossible to obtain in Mexico.




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