Traffic jams are creeping in almost all roads and yet so little is being done to reduce them. However, CTRMA Executive Director, Michael Heiligenstein is among the few people who are committed to stopping traffic jams. Michael Heiligenstein has been at the helm of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. One of the matters that he has been trying to stop is the presumption that traffic jams are caused by roads.


This former county commissioner of is of the opinion that the inhabitants of Austin to San Antonio are the ones who cause the traffic jams on their roads. So according to him the lack of Texas residents driving on SH 130 is caused by the people themselves and not the concession company that built the road.


The opinion of Mr. Heiligenstein is that although toll roads have been experiencing poor performance, it’s not because of the weak economy or high gas prices but rather because of the tools being used on them. He says that other roads such as the Eagle Shale might be able to use tolls to improve its efficiency.


About Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority


CTRMA is a multimodal transportation authority that deals with the improvement of the transportation system in the Texas area. When the CTRMA was started in 2002, it was meant for advancing the transport system in the Williamson County and Travis County. Eventually, it has been able to spread its tentacles to the wider Texas area.


The independent government agency aims to improve the transportation system, which will eventually ease traffic jams and decrease congestion. By introducing innovative multi-modal transportation solutions to the roads, the transportation authority hopes that it will improve not only improve the quality of life for individuals but also the economic state of the Texas area.


The CTRMA I headed by a board of directors which has seven members. The governor appoints the chairman of the board. In addition to this, six other members are nominated by the Travis and Williamson County commissioners who appoint three members each. These boards of directors then employ other staff members who are headed by the Executive Director Michael Hiegelstein. The transportation authority is managed with the Texas Transportation Code.


About Michael Heiligenstein


Michael Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of the CTRMA. The former county commissioner has been with the mobility authority since 2003. Before this, Mr. Heiligenstein had worked for the public service as a Williamson County Commissioner and a city council member for Round Rock. He has overseen major projects which have been carried out by the mobility authority.

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How To Care For Your Hair Like A Celebrity

Most women are not celebrities, yet we dream of having that celebrity hair. We all want that youthful, smooth, silky, and envious hair and we deserve it. Great hair can make you look younger and more beautiful. Celebrities love their hair and it shows through the way they care for their hair. Great hair uses great products. You don’t have to make a celebrity salary to afford great hair. Great hair products can be affordable as well. A popular, affordable hair product is Wen by Chaz. Chaz Dean is popular amongst the celebs. He is a well-known on Facebook as a celebrity hair stylist. He has years of expertise working with numerous of celebrities in Hollywood.

Most of today’s shampoos are too strong and damaging. They strip off the natural moisture and nutrients from your hair. Celebrity hair stylist, Chaz Dean, http://chazdean.com/store.aspx, noticed the problem with the hair products on the market and created a solution. He introduced WEN by Chaz Dean to the Sephora beauty market. WEN by Chaz is not just another shampoo. It’s a cleansing conditioner that puts the nutrients back into your hair to make it softer and smoother. WEN.com products are for all hair types and are all natural. With Wen, your hair will live up to its potential. WEN will give you that gorgeous hair like a celebrity

Bruno Fagali: An Expert in Compliance and Public Law

Bruno Fagali has established himself as a leader and an exceptional lawyer in Brazil. He is the founder of Fagali Law Firm. Over the years, Bruno has gained knowledge and expertise in law. However, he is an expert in Compliance Law and anti-corruption cases.

Bruno Fagali holds a Masters in Administrative, State law, and anti-corruption. Unlike most of the Lawyers, Bruno took the time to build his career in Law before launching his Law Firm. Bruno began his career as an intern at the Model Dom Paulo Law Firm. He proceeded to work as an intern for two high-end law firms in Brazil: Teixeira Ferreira, Tojal, Serrano and Renault Associates and the Manesco, Perez, Ramires, Azevedo Marques Firm.

Through his internships, Bruno Fagali gained knowledge and skills in domestic violence, bidding, administrative, and regulatory law.

Bruno joined the Radi Calil Law firm in 2012. He served the law firm for two years and was involved with administrative contracts and litigation.

Bruno Fagali joined Nova/Sb in 2016. Nova/Sb is an advertising agency which has won awards for their efforts in fighting corruption. Bruno’s responsibility was to manage the Company’s integrity department.

From 2015 to 2016, Bruno worked as the scholarship holder at the University of Sao Paulo. In this position, Bruno was responsible for carrying out seminars and overseeing the study groups.

Bruno Fagali has an interesting education background. Bruno joined Canadian International College for his English studies in 1997. Bruno attended the Brazilian Society of Public Law for his electoral law.

From 2004 to 2009, Bruno attended the Pontifical Catholic University where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Law. He also attended the Brazilian Public Law Society where he did his Parliamentary law studies.

Bruno is currently doing his Masters Degree and will graduate in 2017.

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The Joy of Helping Others As Experienced By Betsy DeVos

Many people are often looking for some kind of joy and fulfillment. However, there are a lot of sources of information that tell people to look in places that are not necessarily helpful. Many people follow these suggestions only to find that these suggestions are not all that effective. There are a lot of slogans that people hear about finding joy. However, people who experience real joy have found it in what has come to be unlikeliest of places because of conventional. Among the people that have experienced real joy is Betsy DeVos. She is someone who has experienced real fulfillment in what she does.

The one way that Betsy DeVos has found joy is through helping others. She has experienced real joy as a philanthropist. This is one thing that has helped her gain the sense of purpose that inspires her and encourages her. One of the reasons that she has a deeply fulfilled joy is that she has compassion for people who do not have as much as she has. She is also aware of what it takes for people to have the best chance for improving their circumstances. The best chance that children have is in education. Read more on Cleveland.com

While Betsy DeVos sees the value of education, she understands that not all school systems are good. While things can be done in order to improve the school systems in the communities, Betsy understands that it is going to take a lot of time to bring forth the needed improvements. This is one of the reasons that she has offered the opportunity for school choice. However, she is also looking for ways to bring about improvements to the community. It is not her intention to leave communities to rot.

Betsy DeVos is the type of person that loves to build. One good thing about her is that she is doing everything she can to build communities. She is also inspiring others to take some initiative to do their part in building up communities through education. There are tons of people who have a desire to make communities better. They just need to be inspired by someone like Betsy DeVos.

Know more: http://www.betsydevos.com/education/

Why The Copa Star is Attracting Unusual Reactions in Brazil

Copa Star is one unique medical facility, a hospital which not many of us have been able to see. Although currently under construction, this facility will resemble a five-star hotel. As we begin from its architecture and design, the medical facility will be one of a kind. The hospital’s design will occur in a manner that will integrate human treatment and comfort. Within the Copa Star, a restaurant is set to reside. The food court is meant to offer patients as well as visitors nutritious meals at affordable prices. Besides, the medical wing will be spacious enough to accommodate hundreds of patients.

Despite the fact that this facility resembles a hospital for the wealthiest individuals, plans are underway to have it offer treatment to people of all niches. To this end, the hospital is closely working with insurance companies to have them extend their services to this facility even before it is opened up to members of the public. The Hospital’s current location is in Copacabana, between Joseph Bloch and Figueiredo de Magalhaes streets. Its strategic placement will grant the facility an influx in the number of clients per given day. Visit their Facebook page.

The Copa Star is expected to specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and heart-related ailments, using the latest machines that current technology has to offer. These modern devices will operate in a hybrid, digital operating, and a neurosurgery room. Doctors in this hospital will work using specialized tools, while certain operations will be carried out entirely by medical robots. Hence, Copa Star is objective enough to provide all its clients with quality care. Before its completion and opening, Marcelo Pina, the executive director of Copa Star is already looking for competent and highly qualified personnel to work in this facility. The workforce will undergo regular training so as to equip them with the skills to use modern equipment as well as help the hospital achieve the international medical standards. Also, medical personnel will be hired in large numbers so as to prevent a scenario whereby a doctor or nurse in overwhelmed by the workflow. In so doing, patients will get quality treatment while workers will not be overworked.

With a proper system in place, patients will be able to reach a full recovery. Copa Star operations will also be extended to Shopping Antiquarios building so as to help the prestigious five-star facility with billing, supply, maintenance, room service, and clinical engineering activities. Thus, the Copa Star will surely bridge the gap in health care that already exists in Brazil. Due to its existence, fewer people will die from cancer-related illness, and diseases that affect the heart. Therefore, its development is a step in the right direction.

Visit: http://www.rededor.com.br/releases_detail.aspx?id=551

Day one impact NFL rookies

Many daily fantasy players are busy setting up their MLB lineups in the month of April. However, there are a select few that are already busy at work preparing for the upcoming fantasy football season. The NFL draft, that begins on Thursday, 27 April, get the juices flowing for upcoming rookies that one can play on day one which can determine whether or not one has a successful year. Those expected to make their mark in year one include Leonard Fournette to Jacksonville, Christian McCaffrey to Carolina, and Mike Williams to the Arizona Cardinals.


Leonard Fournette will make an immediate impact on a Jaguar offense that has been desperate for a running attack. The six foot, 240 pound Fournette will take over on day one as a three down back and would expect him to gather in 300 carries for 1,200 yards in his first year. Christian McCaffrey will assist Cam Newton as a slot receiver, running back, and the team overall as a punt returner. At 5’11” and 202 pounds, McCaffrey did not have any issues with durability while at Stanford. His versatility will be a godsend to a Panther offense that depends way to heavily on Newton. Mike Williams will be a starter right out of the gate next to Larry Fitzgerald who will be a perfect mentor. Fitzgerald is winding down a Hall a Fame career, and the 6’3” and 213 pound Williams will be the perfect replacement once Fitzgerald calls it quits. Follow Fantasyalarm.com for further updates on all of the draft day movement.


Roberto Santiago Championing The Real Estate Industry With Manaira Mall

Today if you google the word Roberto Santiago, the name Manaira Mall will definitely come up. This is because the Manaira Mall is one of the best things that he ever did for his country. Not only is tapping the local dollars. Rather, it is bringing foreign currency to Joao Pessoa.

The Manaira Mall has contributed to the economy of this state in so many ways. For example, since the mall was built, the price of land near it has gone up. Additionally, more amenities have been built in the area, therefore improving the social status of the area.

For the locals of Joao Pessoa, the Manaira Mall is the best thing that ever happened to them. The Mall comparable with a small town as it has everything all at one stop- From great food to leisure activities to entertainment; you will have it all at this mall.

One of the best features of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is the Domus Hall. The Domus Hall is one of the most recent additions to the mall. It is located at the rooftop of the mall and it is where all live entertainment goes down. It is fitted with technologically-advanced surround sound systems for some solid entertainment. The Domus Mall can fit thousands of people all at once. If standing, the hall can accommodate up to 10,000 people and up to 4,000 if seated. So, if you are in the area and would love to treat yourself to a live concert, theatrical performances or art shows.

Learn more: http://pbnews.com.br/cidades/2014/12/abertura-do-mangabeira-shopping-para-convidados-e-marcada-por-fortes-emocoes.html

For those who loving gaming, at the Manaira Mall, this is in plenty. There is the hugest gaming station with a ballroom. If you came with your kids, you can treat them to the Pirlimpimpim, which is especially for the kids.

About Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian businessman and entrepreneur addicted to the real estate industry. Although his first company was in a different industry, it is in the real estate development industry that his star has come to shine. His entrepreneurship career began with him owning a cartonnage company that would make cartons and supply them to companies.

Before going solo, Santiago had been working for a number of companies, his first employer being Café Santa Rosa. This was soon after graduating from the Pio X Marist College and the University Center of Joao Pessoa, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

Facts about Rick Shinto That Makes Him An Incredible Leader In Healthcare

Dr. Richard A. Shinto, popularly known as Rick, M.D., is the Chief Executive Officer and President at InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC – a leading health care facility in North America.Shinto is widely known for his incredible mark that he has made at InnovaCare of having more than 200,000 clients become members and also overwhelmingly having over 7,500 employees to its database.

InnovaCare Health Solutions is based in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and is currently having branches in Puerto Rico, California, and Illinois.Under Rick’s tenure, so many underserved patients have had access to good health care through his many projects country wide. Before joining InnovaCare Health Solutions in 2008, formerly Aveta, Dr. Richard A. Shinto served in other organizations. These organizations include the Californian healthcare company NAMM, PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare and Medical Pathways Management Company where he left an impressive impact.

Shinto, who was born in 1955, firmly believes in equality in providing health care to all people. He holds An M.B.A. from the University of Redlands and also holds a degree in Medical Studies from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and a B.S from the University of California at Irvine. He has authored several articles about health care, and one of his greatest achievement was him being awarded the “Ernst. & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012” in the Service category in New Jersey. Read more about Innovacare at Crunchbase

Dr. Richard A. Shinto was known for his personal involvement in showing a positive impact on communities through his innovative mind. The prestigious award came as a surprise since the holder is search amongst 140cities in more than 50 countries. Not only does he help provide access to basic medical care but also makes awareness about health issues as well as offer support to families in distress whenever they have sick people. The kind gesture made Rick get an award, ‘A Tribute to Caring’ gala which held at the Western University of Health Sciences.

Rick’s secret to his success significantly attributed to the fact that he hires talented, visionary, and ambitious leaders who in turn helps implement his mission. InnovaCare Health has seen build provider networks and Medicare projects that use advanced technology to offer a sustainable, affordable and a reliable medical care.

Aventa, as popularly known, has two healthcare modes, PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare.

Dr. Shinto boasts of over 20 years of clinical and operational healthcare experience which has also been a pillar of his success. He is looked up as a visionary leader who has left a great impact in the health sector. Read this article at Yahoo.com.

Business Leader Jason Hope

Writing for Engadget, author Jesse Boskoff recently examined the perspective of Jason Hope, a futurist and entrepreneur. In the article, Boskoff discusses Hope’s belief that the Internet of Things is moving humanity forward and promises to fight wastefulness and inefficiency. For Hope, the Internet of Things shows potential to better the lives of everyone, and the growth and adoption of the Internet of Things is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

The inevitability of persistent, ubiquitous connectivity drives Hope’s career as a business consultant. He offers valuable insight into how digital technology can be used to make business better and he understands how the Internet of Things can drive business growth. He has made several predictions regarding the growth and direction of the Internet of Things and has closely associated himself with the field of biotechnology where much of this growth has been seen.

Hope’s considerable business acumen makes him a stand-out success in the fields of finance and business. Alongside his success in the private field he also has an extensive history as a philanthropist supporting futurist causes. Notably, he offers grant funding to people who present innovative ideas and he has pledged $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, a biotechnology organization that researches age-related illness. Through these actions Jason Hope sets himself apart.

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Madison Street Capital Transacts with ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital (MSC), an international investment corporation, has assisted ARES Security Corporation to organize a minority equity and subordinated debt investment. In the past, MSC has undertaken similar roles for other companies, and it was the best corporation to take on ARES. Madison Street Capital’s CEO, Charles Bochway announced the business deal between the two firms. Corbel Structured Equity Partners offered the minority capitalization whereas Madison’s managing director, Reginald McGaugh, steered the operation.


In a statement, McGaugh announced that he was honored to develop a working relationship with ARES and its exceptional leaders like its President, Ben Eazzetta. Additionally, McGaugh expressed that ARES was a high-end suite of technological solutions protecting the globe’s most critical properties. McGaugh also explained that ARES superior management team had assisted MSC in identifying the most suitable financing partner.


Ben Eazzetta also expressed his satisfaction of working with MSC. Giving a statement during the event, he asserted that the experts at Madison Street had been thorough and committed to the success of their entire transaction. Specifically, Ben was pleased with the manner in which MSC handles the valuation analysis, initial due diligence, and the capital raising process. These three talents are the cornerstone in enhancing Madison Street Capital Reputation.


Moreover, the president of ARES was also happy with MSC’s selection of financing partner. Corbel proved professionalism in the way it organized the investment. Corbel Structured Equity Partners is a structured equity fund that has funded approximately $95 million in its investments.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a Universal company that offers investment –banking services to firms in different parts of the world. The establishment has its head office in Chicago and has other branches in Africa, Asian and North America and been in operation for nearly 12 years. The company is known for its excellence, quality leadership, and integrity in the provision of its services. MSC offers a wide range of services including valuations, mergers and acquisition knowledge, financial advisory services, and financial opinions.


MSC incorporates its extensive experience in the industry to match active buyers and sellers. Such approach has managed to guarantee quick closure of dealings resulting in customer satisfaction and also making its clients succeed in the international market. Madison Street Capital has confidence in establishing strong business relationships with firms across the United States. This has made it commit to the needs of its customer as well as support philanthropic organizations such as the United Way.