Maryland University’s Initiative Transforms Higher Education

Bruce Levenson, the former Atlanta Hawks owner, decided to enter the non-profit sector after the sale of his team in 2014. He contributed money to the University of Maryland’s initiative called Do Good Institute. The initiative aims to benefit undergraduate students at the campus and expose them to the volunteering world. So far, the program is receiving fascinating feedback.

Bruce Levenson and his wife donated $75 million to the initiative. On the other hand, the campus added an extra $20 million. The initiative gave first class students $10,000 as well as an allowance to choose courses of their choice.

An Overview of the Do Good Institute

The initiative was established in 2010. According to PR News, it assists in attracting students who are passionate about giving back and community services. The missions of the initiative include transforming the campus such that graduates are both informed and enthusiastic to give back to the community, as well as training the non-profit leaders of the future generation.

An Alumnus of the initiative

The initiative has successfully produced non-profit entrepreneurs. For instance, Ben Simon is a former student of the University of Maryland who used the Do Good Institute. Ben co-founded a student-run waste prevention movement called the Food Recovery Network (FRN) through the program. Ben’s exposure to the initiative encouraged him to start a new project known as Imperfect Produce. The project gives consumers access to products at a high discount, thus reducing waste on campus.

Bruce Levenson cited that the initiative shows how people can be great entrepreneurs through their time and creativity. He added that the campus’s management is planning to establish a template that allows other schools to imitate them.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an associate and co-founder of United Communications Group (UCG). He is also the former owner of the renowned Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Bruce attended the Washington University where he got a degree in Arts and a J.D from the renowned American University.

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