Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is Outperforming the Competition

The bottled water industry is large and in charge. It is a powerful component of the food and beverage marketing system within America. Many people might not understand why bottled water is so important but the fact is that this beverage is a favorite among consumers.

Over the past 15 years many people have come to enjoy bottled water drinks because of their outlook on a healthy lifestyle. Honestly, many pop and sugary sweet drink products have been getting a bad name. This is especially true for the soda companies. Many health advocate groups and parents have been up in arms for years about the link between sodas and American obesity. Especially, among the youth of this country.

According to Crunchbase, Bottled water companies such as Waiakea water provides consumers with a healthier and refreshing alternative to sodas and fruit flavored sugary drinks. Many consumers are now more conscious of their health and they want to consume healthy products that build up their body. Bottled water is definitely one product that does this.

Waiakea water is loaded with lots of minerals and nutrients. This water is captured from the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. This particular active volcanic land mass typically receives a huge amount of fresh rain and snow melt every year.

When the water rushes down the side of the volcano it absorbs many nutrients and minerals. Once these nutrients and minerals are placed into the water; the Waiakea uses their collection methods to gather it up. After the water, has been processed; it is then bottled and sold to the public. The nutrients and fresh taste is not compromised during the processing phase.

According to Gust, Waiakea water is now exploding in the world of bottled beverages. This bottled beverage has received a 4000% increase since it was first brought to the market within Hawaii. Now it is being sold in over 30 states and management is looking to expand this product into overseas markets.

Waiakea’s brand is at the top of its game. Not too many other beverage brands can compete with it. Soda brands have slow growth because they are so well entrenched within the market. Sugary sweet soft drinks are losing more ground as each day passes.

Various competitive bottled water brands are trying to slug it out with Waiakea but they are still losing the battle. Waiakea water is just outperforming everyone for now. The brand’s phenomenal growth rate is living proof of its dominance within the market. Ultimately, Waiakea is just outperforming the competition and probably will not be slowing down for a while.

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