Norka’s Showcase: I Believe in Miracles

In her presentation, Norka took the opportunity to talk about her belief in miracles. She believed that her talent would propel her to the greatest heights in music. Emilio Estefan arrived her band and all she had to use to produce music. She was focused on creating the songs that would be adopted on a massive scale both at home and abroad. As a matter of fact, she is so appreciative of the fact that her producer gives her the chance to make a choice of the song. However, she gives him the power to lead. For this reason, Emilio can model her to fit international standards. According to the sources presented from a local radio station in Venezuela, the first song by Norka was a hit. It was the most listened song in the country. Many people like it and numerous play requests are sent to the stations.

In 2007, Norka went through a severe crisis at her personal level. She had gained excessive weight. This was a blow to her career. Because she knew she was a public figure, she decided to battle this fortune. For a long time, she battled against weight. She lost over 60 pounds. Her motivation was Beyoncé and Shakira. In the end, she won the battle. She is now less than 130 pounds.

Her touch with music was tender and loving. While she was still a kid, she loved singing. Whenever she went into sorrow, music was always there to comfort her. Her songs were sweet and melodious. For this reason, her parents noticed the trend in her behavior. They knew they had a star. For this reason, they took to their efforts to make it happen. While she went to school to study the normal education curriculum, she took evening music lessons. In the country, music lessons cost more than regular education. While she came from a middle-class family, they never relented until they had all set for her. For this reason, she is appreciative of the fact that her parents gave her all she desired to be a world-class artist. Emilio Estefan is the light-bearer of his music career. Norka believes in miracles. She comes from a happy family. Her life is full of life lessons and experiences.

More promising success with the growth of Town Residential

Town Residential is a dynamic executive team established in 2010. The team works towards becoming an essential part of the real estate Landscape in the New York. The firm founders are a close group of leaders with much-admired success and knowledge in the luxury sales. New trends in the marketing and rentals. The Town is composed to deliver dramatic results in the real estate markets today.


Town devotes equal value and resources and strives to lead in rentals, sales, and development marketing. The team offers exceptional customer services, neighborhood expertise, information transparency and professional direction through the process.


Since its establishment, the Town Residential now holds the New York top position from its luxury real estate services. They particularly deal in; marketing, leasing, and sales of luxury residential, Property development commercially and in retail. From their standards, the company has marked new excellence criteria in the real estate’s industry.


The press has recognized the expertise of the Town Residential staffs in the luxury real estate in New York City. The firm ensures a well-balanced press coverage within lifestyle and luxury through its pro-active media outreach and strategic positioning.


In 2013, the Town residential opened their 10th outpost. The firm office was opened in the meatpacking district to brought easy access to the residential neighborhood swath along Hudson. According to Andrew Heiberger, the founder of Town Residential, with the opening of the 10th Outpost, Brokers would take their clients to the appointments. They lease leased a 7100 square foot space in a 15 year deal from where they would carry out their brokerage transactions. The consistent growth of that area made the strategically positioned the Town’s office. The small office, previously operating at 45 Horatio St, West Village was relocated into the new space.


The firm has since then opened other prime locations among them its headquarters in the Greenwich Village. If you need any real estate services in the New York and its environs, Town Residential is your ultimate stop point.



Cotemar Aims to Dismiss 2,300 Employees

About Cotemar
Cotemar is an oil platforms company that operates in the Campeche Sound. Campeche Sound is a strategic Gulf of Mexico hydrocarbons reservoir. The company was inaugurated in 1979 and provides offshore development oil fields with maintenance and rehabilitation services. Cotemar also provides catering and accommodation services to support the operations in this offshore oil development platforms.

Cotemar Buys Two Vessels from Grandweld Shipyards
Cotemar purchased a shipment of two boats from the Grandweld Shipyards in July 2014. These two ships were 42M Aluminum Crew Boats fitted with state of the art navigation equipment and EPA Tier 3 compliant main engines. The boats were designed to assemble client requirements with an enhanced crew comfort, larger deck space, luxury seating, and VIP accommodation. They exceed speeds of 26 knots. The vessels were planned to operate in the Gulf of Mexico after complying with the United States Coast Guard as well as the US Environmental Protection Agency regulations. See:

Cotemar to lay off 2,300 workers after Cancellation of contracts with Pemex
Cotemar announced that it would dismiss 2,300 workers due to the cancellation of contracts with government-owned Pemex. This happened on 18th November 2016. Pemex canceled the contract in which it had accorded Cotemar with three oil platforms such as the Safe Regency, Safe Britannia, and the Safe Lancia. Prosafe originally owns these oil platforms.

Prosafe is a company that deals in the hire of semi-submergible oil platforms. Prosafe will end the service of Safe Britannia from Mexico. Safe Lancia and Safe Regency will be transported to a United States warehouse. Cotemar had served as Pemex’s major oil supplier in the island industrial city region and throughout the Campeche Términos Lagoon and the Gulf of Mexico.

The large contract withdrawal will also lead to a rise in oil prices from the traditional cost of twenty-five dollars per barrel of oil. This investment cut will also result in a decrease in crude oil production. Cotemar will still operate with Pemex, but it will no longer have any online contracts with the government-owned company this year.  The dismissal will further worsen the economic condition of this oil port that has also seen a 50 percent decrease in revenues according to reports.

The future of investing with the US Money Reserve

Americans that are hard working think about the fact that they will retire someday. This is why retirement investing is such a huge business locally. The problem with the investment choices that are available is the fact that the world has become extremely unpredictable. As a result, people are looking for other investment vehicles as opposed to the traditional stocks and cash. One of the investment vehicles that have gained a lot of popularity is precious metals. Below is what you need to know about people investing in gold, silver and platinum.

Why people shy away from stocks and bonds
People are staying away from stocks, bonds and mutual funds, mainly because they are really volatile. The events that have been happening, such as the Brexit vote, the election, wars in the Middle East and others affect the markets greatly. For instance, the dollar took a hit when the UK decided to leave the European Union and for some time, the Dollar destabilized when Trump won the election. People are getting weary of these types of uncertainties.

When you invest in silver, gold or platinum, these factors that sway the market will not affect you as much. This is because the precious metals always maintain their intrinsic value. The truth of the matter is that metals like gold have been appreciating in value. For the past decade, the price of gold has appreciated by between 360 and 662 percent. The factors that have led to this change include the fact that gold mines are producing less and less of the ore every year.

Getting a self-directed IRA
Another trend that is common among today’s investors is getting the elf-directed IRA. This is a situation whereby you will have control over the things that land and stay in your account. You can choose to mix the traditional stocks and bonds with a little gold and silver. The key is having a partner such as the US Money Reserve to assist you with the process. Making a transfer is as simple as making sure that the custodian of the old account name matches that of the new account. Alternatively the money reserve can assist you in moving from the traditional 401K to a precious metal IRA.

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