NYC Luxury Buildings Offering Unique Amenities


The NYC luxury real estate market has often been considered one of the most competitive in the world. The city is full of foreign investors and very successful young professionals that are looking for a place to live that offers luxuries and other amenities unmatched by other buildings in the city. To ensure that they are able to get the highest rent possible and stay full, new projects in the city often offer unusual new amenities to attract their tenants. Several new projects in the city are now offering amenities that have never been seen before.


This will include having a regulation size basketball court and indoor lap swimming pool, as well as a number of private parks and spas. The project also has a state of the art fitness center and yoga studio, which has helped to attract some of the most active and healthy tenants in the city.


Another feature that will be found in New York City is at the One57 building, which is located on 57th Street in Manhattan. This project is looking to find ways for the tenants of the property to relax and unwind. The building boasts having the most relaxing public space, which includes a full library, a small aquarium, and even an onsite yoga studio that will come with free classes to residents.


For those that are looking for NYC luxury real estate, a great place to start would be with Town Residential. Town Residential is a relatively young real estate firm in the city, but it has quickly become a leader in the NYC luxury real estate segment. The company provides a number of different services, including leasing, brokerage, and investment management for a number of the top NYC luxury real estate investors and developers in the city. They are also well regarded for having the most in-depth real estate market knowledge, which helps all buyers make the most informed decisions possible.

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  1. One building that is building a lot of interest is the Sky Building, located in Manhattan. The Sky Building will feature a number of amenities that are unmatched. It could also be described as the only thing for reviews to admire and make sure nothing happens to them all.

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