Dick DeVos is Helping To Change His Community

A recent interview by Philanthropy Roundtable with Betsy DeVos took a look inside the charitable side of Mrs. DeVos. The interview discussed various aspects of education and provided the personal thoughts of Betsy DeVos regarding educational topics such as school vouchers, education reform, charter schools, home schooling, and school choices. Betsy DeVos expressed herself openly and honestly concerning all the topics discussed during the interview.


I feel that charity begins at home. Betsy DeVos demonstrates a sincere and kind heart through her history of helping charitable causes, establishing charities, and helping people in need. While Mrs. DeVos appears to want to provide help to anyone in need, she seems to have a special passion for education and improving the educational system. As a family, Mrs. DeVos and her husband appear to be in a good situation financially. With their available resources and influence, she has been able along with her husband to initiate change in many areas,


Dick DeVos is Betsy DeVos husband. I think that Mr. DeVos has done very well in his professional life. He has held several important executive positions at Amway, he has held several executive positions with the Orlando Magic, and he is the President of The Windquest Group. The number of key positions that he has held along with his current president position shows that he can produce results and can lead an organization.


In his professional life, Dick DeVos has accomplished a lot. This is all impressive, but I feel that the personal side of Dick DeVos is just as impressive or even more impressive. Mr. DeVos has personally taken the time to help the lives of many people through community initiatives and charitable contributions.


Initiatives such as the Education Freedom Fund, The West Michigan Aviation Academy, and serving on the State Board of Education in Michigan all show a high level of dedication and service to the community. However, he has done so much more, which includes assisting with Grand Rapids downtown renewal and regional health care enhancement projects. These projects include the development of a convention center, a downtown arena, a heart hospital, a downtown market, and a medical school.


 Dick DeVos  is an individual who is making a difference in his community and state. He is willing to give enormous amounts of his time to a wide variety of community and charitable projects.

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