The Advantages of LED Lighting

Surprisingly, Gooee LED lighting finds that a large number of customers are actually upset about the change to LED lighting across the country. They are definitely old school and living in the dark ages. It is time for them to see the light on the horizon and all the great advantages that LED lights bring to the consumer. Those that are ready to embrace the LED lighting system will discover everything that they require at Gooee LED lighting. The fact is that there are a number of sound reasons that should convince the hesitant consumer to change to LED lights.

LED Lighting Advantages

The fact is that LED lights last much longer than the typical incandescent light. The average incandescent light bulb might last less than a year. However, your average LED bulb might last several years. This is a fact that is hard to ignore.

Great Savings

Here is an idea: Replace all your incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs at the beginning of the month or at the beginning of the next energy bill cycle.  Depending on the number of incandescent bulbs that were involved. Those monthly savings might add up to hundreds of dollars over the year. Over a ten year period, those savings might equal thousands of dollars for a larger home or business.

NYC Luxury Buildings Offering Unique Amenities


The NYC luxury real estate market has often been considered one of the most competitive in the world. The city is full of foreign investors and very successful young professionals that are looking for a place to live that offers luxuries and other amenities unmatched by other buildings in the city. To ensure that they are able to get the highest rent possible and stay full, new projects in the city often offer unusual new amenities to attract their tenants. Several new projects in the city are now offering amenities that have never been seen before.


This will include having a regulation size basketball court and indoor lap swimming pool, as well as a number of private parks and spas. The project also has a state of the art fitness center and yoga studio, which has helped to attract some of the most active and healthy tenants in the city.


Another feature that will be found in New York City is at the One57 building, which is located on 57th Street in Manhattan. This project is looking to find ways for the tenants of the property to relax and unwind. The building boasts having the most relaxing public space, which includes a full library, a small aquarium, and even an onsite yoga studio that will come with free classes to residents.


For those that are looking for NYC luxury real estate, a great place to start would be with Town Residential. Town Residential is a relatively young real estate firm in the city, but it has quickly become a leader in the NYC luxury real estate segment. The company provides a number of different services, including leasing, brokerage, and investment management for a number of the top NYC luxury real estate investors and developers in the city. They are also well regarded for having the most in-depth real estate market knowledge, which helps all buyers make the most informed decisions possible.

Become a Whistleblower and Prosper

Maybe things in the financial industry have been high pressure and performance issues have been difficult to navigate. A career that was once thought of as a way to prosper and live a good life. Yet, once in the door there was a set of rules for one day and then it was quickly replaced by an inside set of performance tactics that if not adhered to, pressure was exerted in an uncomfortable way. This may be one of many reasons whistleblowers become ripe to act out their expository role in the uncovering up questionable ethics at their home office. Take heart, financial industry hold outs, as singing has now become a place to make that fortune and ease a blackened conscience. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has now laid out the officially awarded over $17 million payout for legally represented whistleblower forces. No more shady business practices in the world of finance as the underlings who were being abused by pressure to use unethical tactics to scam clients into fraudulent stock picks, are speaking out.

They will no longer be silent since they stand to be awarded millions for speaking as their representation will follow the guidelines of the newly developed Whistleblower Program. For the past six years, this SEC program is using the Frank Dodd legislation to ‘clean up.’ A new industry has taken hold with the program mapped out by the likes of Jordan A. Thomas, SEC whistleblower legal guru. He heads up the Labaton Sucharow specialty law firm otherwise referred to as the Whistleblower Representation Practice.

Jordan is pleased with how well the clients are fairing in these litigation dramas between the financial industry management and the abused stock holders. Whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork to tell it like it is. “My client blew the whistle when others in the financial services industry ” were mute. This benign neglect of the investors is not only unethical but it allows much harm and abuse to come to them.

Of course these are financial industry whistleblower legal experts. Although they are talented legal minds with good intent, the public is baffled at the double standards they are surrounded by. These crafty legal teams are able to unleash all their venom and cunning on private sector groups such as the financial industry with what motivation?  However, there is much of the same unethical governmental activity that goes unchecked and is given pass after pass.

Locating The Right Assisted Living Facility


As people get older, it becomes harder for them to do things in life. They might find it harder to climb stairs or get dinner. While a nearby relative can make time to care for them, that is not always the case. In such instances, it can be helpful to turn to an assisted living facility for a long-term placement. Such facilities offer all kinds of services that people really need including help with dressing and even the provision of meals. Many such living facilities also offer help with a person’s daily medications, making it easy for them to stay in shape as well as other kinds of day trips to help them stay within the community.


The Manse on Marsh


One facility that really knows how to offer the kind of care that seniors really need is the Manse on Marsh. The Manse on Marsh is a California based facility that has been consistently rated one of the nation’s top places to find ideal care. Here, the emphasis is on residents at all times. Those who make their home here are cared for staffers who have been highly trained in the art of making the lives of seniors happy and pleasant as they live out their golden years.


Complete Care


Working with this facility can help any caregiver relax as they know their loved one is being watched by people who love with what they do. Here, residents can let go of their cares and worries. No need to be concerned with a large yard and keeping it up. Instead, they are part of a community of people who all share the same goals. They and their fellow residents can sample many meals here each day, allowing them to stay in good health with access to the calories they need in their lives.

Dick DeVos is Helping To Change His Community

A recent interview by Philanthropy Roundtable with Betsy DeVos took a look inside the charitable side of Mrs. DeVos. The interview discussed various aspects of education and provided the personal thoughts of Betsy DeVos regarding educational topics such as school vouchers, education reform, charter schools, home schooling, and school choices. Betsy DeVos expressed herself openly and honestly concerning all the topics discussed during the interview.


I feel that charity begins at home. Betsy DeVos demonstrates a sincere and kind heart through her history of helping charitable causes, establishing charities, and helping people in need. While Mrs. DeVos appears to want to provide help to anyone in need, she seems to have a special passion for education and improving the educational system. As a family, Mrs. DeVos and her husband appear to be in a good situation financially. With their available resources and influence, she has been able along with her husband to initiate change in many areas,


Dick DeVos is Betsy DeVos husband. I think that Mr. DeVos has done very well in his professional life. He has held several important executive positions at Amway, he has held several executive positions with the Orlando Magic, and he is the President of The Windquest Group. The number of key positions that he has held along with his current president position shows that he can produce results and can lead an organization.


In his professional life, Dick DeVos has accomplished a lot. This is all impressive, but I feel that the personal side of Dick DeVos is just as impressive or even more impressive. Mr. DeVos has personally taken the time to help the lives of many people through community initiatives and charitable contributions.


Initiatives such as the Education Freedom Fund, The West Michigan Aviation Academy, and serving on the State Board of Education in Michigan all show a high level of dedication and service to the community. However, he has done so much more, which includes assisting with Grand Rapids downtown renewal and regional health care enhancement projects. These projects include the development of a convention center, a downtown arena, a heart hospital, a downtown market, and a medical school.


 Dick DeVos  is an individual who is making a difference in his community and state. He is willing to give enormous amounts of his time to a wide variety of community and charitable projects.