Securus Technologies Implements Drone Detection System

With new technology makings its way to the common people and becoming more accessible, security measures to prevent misuse have to also move along with the times. This especially holds true for the judicial system, and prisons all over America. With new technology easily available to the common people, the security measures that are adopted need to be improved.


Drones are one kind of technology that has been becoming increasingly popular during the past year. With how easy it is to get a high tech drone, the abuse potential is also immense. There have been reports emerging of contrabands being smuggled into prisons using drones and other kinds of similar devices. This poses an additional threat, not only to people within the prisons but also for the general populous.


Securus Technologies, a company leading in prison communications technology decided to start the development of a program that would help reduce the risk of these incidents and to prevent goods from being smuggled into prisons. The technology was recently implemented in a few prisons that the company was operational in, and saw incredible results in terms of its efficiency and applicability. The program was successful in abrupting drones from entering the premises and takes control of them so that they can then be seized and used as evidence. Through this, Securus Technologies has done an incredible amount to tackle one more threat that people in society are prone to face.


Securus Technologies has always worked to improve the services that they provide for public safekeeping. The company has implemented several other programs and measures to reduce the threats that prisons face and to keep the illegal activities taking place there to a bare minimum. Prior to implementing this system, the company had implemented a wireless containment program that worked to reduce the number of unauthorized cell phones in prisons. The systems blocked any incoming network inside the prisons, thereby preventing the usability of cell phones inside prisons. This was done so that the only means of communication that the only lines that inmates could use were the ones that were being provided to them by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies was also one of the first companies to implement phone monitoring systems to make sure that inmates were not using the phone lines for any kind of illegal activities. The company tracked each and every one of the calls and nabbed any inmates who were using them for potentially harmful or illegal activities that they were planning on carrying out. Through this, the company managed to catch many criminals before the deed was carried out, thereby preventing criminal activities and preventing anyone from getting hurt. They have also submitted these records as evidence in court proceedings, thereby helping serve due to justice.

Michael and Jim are American Hearoes

I absolutely love being an American. I am proud that I was born in the United States of America and that I still hold to the constitutional rights that we have been given by the founding fathers.

This is a wonderful country to be in where we have the freedom to speak our minds, where all races no matter what their background, can be equal and have equal opportunities to excel and succeed in life. This is the core of the American dream and it should be available to all. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin both agree with me concerning these amazing rights that belong to American citizens. They also understand that this is what makes America great.

However, in their campaign to continue pushing for these rights, they have come across a man named Sheriff Joseph Arpaio. Sheriff Joe Arpaio does not believe these rights belong to everybody. He actually believes we should be keeping people out of the United States of America so that we can board these rights for ourselves.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio has sought to do evil things to the Latinos and Hispanics in order to push them out of our country. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have taken it upon themselves to report on these evils so that Sheriff Joseph Arpaio may be stopped.

Michael and Jim use their media outlets from the Village Voice Media in order to inform the public about the acts that Sheriff Joseph Arpaio is committing. They recently broke the story on how he unlawfully deputized several citizens.

He gave them the authority to arrest illegal immigrants who did not have a work visa. The problem with this, he never taught these deputies how to make lawful arrest. These illegal deputies was randomly stop anybody they thought could be an illegal immigrant and would then take them to the jailhouse.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin also uncovered and reported on how Sheriff Joseph Arpaio made sure that all these deputies had racial biases against the Hispanic community. In fact, that was the only thing that he taught these deputies.

They were not taught how to stop drunk drivers. They were not taught how to do a traffic stop. The only thing they were taught was how to arrest Hispanics and Latinos to bring them to the police station.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin also reported how Sheriff Joseph Arpaio turned a blind eye while many Hispanic men were brutally beaten to death in his prison. In fact, he tried to cover up for the security guards who were guilty for doing this.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio retaliated against Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin with a spirit of revenge. He took an illegal warrant and tried to arrest and detain these two proud Americans for not handing over evidence against him.

From this a lawsuit would ensue where Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were awarded the monies needed to start their prestigious nonprofit the great Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Interview with Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and current chairman of global property development Company DAMAC Properties. He went to the University of Washington where he studied economics and Industrial Engineering. Hussain sajwani began his career in 1982 and has since risen as a market leader serving more than 150,000 meals in a day and managing over 200 projects in various parts of the world including Africa and the Middle East.

The rapid growth of DAMAC Properties can be contributed to Hussain Sajwani’s relentless efforts as an entrepreneur. Sajwani is also listed as one of the top 100 most influential Arabs. He has demonstrated leadership skills both in his business and in the corporate world and has also won various business awards in the property industry.

How did you come up with the DAMAC Property Idea?

While growing up, I used to spend a lot of time helping in our family business. The fact that I started doing that at a very tender age was very instrumental in imparting me with entrepreneurial skills and passion for business. I also remember selling my time-share apartments and used that money as seed capital for my business.

How does your day start and end?

My day mainly involves holding meetings with members of the management team and getting updates on how my business is doing. I also spend time holding meetings with various business partners and other members of the business community.

How do you generate new business ideas?

I usually derive my inspiration by looking at Dubai and trying to figure out where it would be in the next 20 or 30 years.

What trend excites you most in the business world?

The ever-changing world of social media and digital marketing has always surprised me. The way social media started and how it has turned into a powerful marketing tool.

What habit makes you more productive as a businessman?

I love traveling the world. This has helped me to view things from different perspectives.

What best advice would you give to an upcoming entrepreneur?

I like to learn new skills and things because it helps me to rediscover myself. Besides,

I also like setting up new challenges and ensure that I overcome them.

Incredible New Visions with DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani!

DAMAC Properties offer unmatched luxury living in beautiful Dubai. The global real estate development company, established by Hussain Sajwani, Emirati billionaire, and DAMAC owner, has introduced its latest premium development property, Reva Residences, in prestigious Business Bay. The property is situated in the most sought-after Dubai location overlooking views of the canal.


The elegant high-rise apartment community spares no expense to the imagination. It offers 24-hour reception and concierge services with extravagant lifestyle experiences. Future residents shall have a wealth of accessible retail shops, business marketplaces, and dining venues that are located within walking distance. The lavish tower has one and two bedrooms apartment options, where pricing for one bedroom homes begin at AED 699,000.


Business Bay is refashioning more and more into a popular and well sought-out Middle Eastern city. This unique area thrives on its distinctive entertainment, business, and recreational activities. There is no question that Reva Residences will enhance the area by adding new experiences of luxury. Reva Residences’ revolutionary development is everything a business-forward professional could imagine; it’s posh, classic, and modern.


Reva Residences of Business Bay offer unparalleled panoramas of the Dubai Canal. This decadent location expresses true elegance with carefully manicured walkways for exercising, plush parklands, as well as the largest shopping complex just a few short minutes away.


Imagine experiencing breathtaking window views every day upon awakening. The homes have a classic, timeless finish with high-end interiors, tailored kitchens, and grand bathrooms. Other key features include a well-equipped gymnasium, resort-like steam and sauna rooms, and a locale for children to play on premises.


DAMAC Properties has created competitive market rates which include minimal monthly payment plans. Hussain Sajwani, the owner of DAMAC, has shapeshifted much of the Middle East with his innovative property development expansions. In fact, DAMAC Properties is an unprecedented leader in the Middle East property deployment brands today. The owner of DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani, has a proven propensity to translate his visions into unsurpassable, sustainable realities. It is intriguing to see what the company’s future visions are, in regards to project location, creativity, and glamour.

Understanding the Blockchain Business with Jed McCaleb

While some of the hype is noise, some of it is realistic and important in terms of finance and investment. To be sure of how real blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses are, it is important to walk through the industry with the guidance of an experienced entrepreneur. Jed McCaleb is one such individual.

Background Data

McCaleb is a prominent programmer who capitalizes in blockchain and cryptocurrency. He is an expert and is upheld for his input and tremendous contribution in cryptocurrency. McCaleb founded Mt. Gox. This is Bitcoin’s first exchange. He has also been part of numerous pioneering projects like eDonkey. eDonkey is a decentralized, sharing network that allows users to share big files. It operates like most sharing networks in the sense that it is controlled by a server. The server enables multisource downloading.

McCaleb Launches Stellar

McCaleb is a visionary programmer. He monitors financial situations by checking observable flaws. He is keen on fixing problems by developing better versions of the same systems. Jed observed the global financial system and resorted to developing Stellar Development Foundation. He is the assistant founder and chief operating officer of the foundation. Jed manages the technical development of this platform by evaluating the financial network system.

What Is Stellar?

Stellar Development Foundation is a platform that builds financial networks by connecting banks, systems, people as well as payment platforms. It has two departments, and Jed manages both. He is in charge of coding the systems by controlling the technical team. He is also in charge of issuing critical response through emails and an additional channel of communication.


The Stellar Foundation supports stellar. This is a not-for-profit organization that uses technology to manage financial platforms. The organization is a huge contributor to open source software. Jed manages this organization as well. He spends time and effort thinking about how best he can improve the organization.

Additional Information

For those with an inspiration of joining the industry of cryptocurrency, Jed McCaleb is a role model to look up to. He understands the broken financial infrastructure and works hard to amend it. He teams up with like-minded individuals to solve these problems.

Follow Jed McCaleb on Medium

Hot, Hotter, Hottest. Joel Friant’s Original Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur from Corpus Christi, Texas. He began in the real-estate business where he made a career for himself by flipping houses. He later transitioned into mortgage lending and writing. In 1995, he introduced a product known as “The ‘Original’ Habanero Shaker. The product did well for its time, but would disappear from the market place until the surge in interest for spicy foods and goods that came with the rise of the “chili heads” in recent years.

The Original Habanero Shaker was reintroduced in 2012 to fill a niche in the food industry. Many of its competitors were blended with salt or other spices which dampened the heat and flavor. This is not the case with this shaker. It is 100% pure, flaked, Habanero pepper with no additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, or color alterations. The result is smoky, buttery, and spicy which lends itself well to cooking and seasoning applications. It provides both flavor and heat in a balance that allows even more sensitive palettes to enjoy this creation.

Since its reintroduction, Friant’s spice has seen success through the online marketplace thanks to eBay and Amazon. Joel saw an opportunity to easily market and distribute his product through the internet thanks to the massive popularity of these sites. After branding his product as The Original Habanero Shaker, he had a website developed for the seasoning and set about creating online storefronts for his product. Thanks to its niche and exposure, the product has seen success, particularly through Amazon. The official website for the spice contains no less than three direct links to this storefront, and even contains a link to the Facebook page for the product. The Facebook page itself has 123 followers and a five-star rating as a Food & Beverage company.

Not fully satisfied with the success of the Habanero shaker, Joel Friant has turned his attentions to research on how the spice can be improved. His main focus being a further refined taste. With his experience and determination, this reinvention will come sooner rather than later. The Original Habanero Shaker, and its later incarnations will likely continue to delight chili heads and non-chili heads alike.

AvaTrade Review: Talks Of Interests Rates on the Rise

There’s a lot of news being passed around the markets today. The United States is looked at as its currency nudges a few pips higher. The events are being watched by the professional world of finance. The movement we see is a result of confidence that people are having in the U.S. prospect.

The foreign exchange works with pairs of currencies and not individual bill-notes. You must predict the direction one currency will go in and against another currency. The U.S. dollar is currently paired against the Euro. This pair is also available through the AvaTrade platform. You can find it written as EUR/USD.


Confidence, And The Dollar Soars

Confidence in the statements of the Federal Reserve is bringing a fall to the Euro and as people put their money into the dollar. AvaTrade shows tremendous performance in catching these emerging price points. The headlines being made puts a potential for profit in everyone’s hands.

AvaTrade brought traders transparency as these events were clearly represented on charts and graphs. AvaTrade also did theses things with live data and through a live display feed. You can also take advantage of these price movements by putting your trust into AvaTrade.


Foreign Investments And AvaTrade

Foreign investments are as easy as pressing a simple button. Make sure to state which currency and as to how much leverage you want placed in each wager. The dynamics of trading the foreign exchange allow plenty of strategies to flourish and for the winners to reach their highest goals as professional traders.

AvaTrade is a forex broker with support through the bank of Ireland and through regulatory agencies in the European Union. The agency is backed with financial support and the testimonies of its many traders. The system it uses is bringing live data to traders like never before, and you can now be a part of the trend.

The Oxford Club Education for Investors

Investing is far more complicated and difficult than most investors realize. Too many people believe the markets are not much larger than their school classrooms, and the markets will grade them on a curve. They were good students, so they believe all they have to do is learn the right formulas out of the right textbooks, and they will become wealthy. They don’t understand they are competing against millions of investors all around the world. They are all reading the same books and news articles. Some of them are hedge funds with supercomputers faster than the United States military, programmed by quant fanatics with advanced degrees in math and finance.

Most investors don’t realize they need help. That’s why William Bonner founded the Oxford Club, to create a private network of investors who could share their knowledge and experience.

In a recent article, the Oxford Club explained their four principles of investing success. The fourth principle of the Oxford Club’s investing success philosophy is to reduce expenses.

Few investors realize that every extra dollar they pay as an expense out of their portfolio, they are losing a small fortune in future net worth. That’s because every dollar that’s gone fails to multiply exponentially, because it’s gone.

Therefore, the Oxford Club advises its members to avoid mutual funds that front-end loads, back-end loads, unnecessary fees and surrender penalties. These make the mutual fund firm and the manager wealthy, at your expense. Most investors fail to realize just how much most mutual funds take from them in transaction and processing fees and taxes. It’s common for mutual fund owners to pay capital gains taxes on mutual funds even though the fund lost money through the year. If the fund manager sold out a position at a gain earlier in the year, you’re responsible for the taxes.

Read about the Oxford Club:

Siteline Cabinetry is The Top Choice for Quality Custom Style Cabinets

When you are working on a kitchen remodel, one of the most important things that you need to deal with is selecting your new cabinets. Why be satisfied with limited choice prefab units or deal with the headache and hassle of custom built on site cabinets. With Siteline Cabinetry you can have the best of both worlds. Siteline offers beauty, quality, affordability, ease of ordering, and quick turnaround and delivery of custom fitted made to order cabinet systems that will leave you breathless.

Siteline offers the kind of features that you would only expect to find on extremely high-end custom build cabinets. Features such as concealed hinges, soft closing doors, easy glide drawers, and fully adjustable shelves are just the beginning. You can also select special-purpose storage solutions for everything from bread and root veggies to charging station drawers and cookware storage.

Once you have chosen the type of cabinets that you want, you get to really start having fun as you explore all of the door styles, colors, finish options, and add-ons such as lighting systems and more. With Siteline you aren’t just getting a cookie cutter cabinet package, you are getting a full custom style cabinet solution that will serve your storage and organization needs like never before.

Siteline works with thousands of premier home improvement professionals all over the country to provide their amazing products with the best possible service and at a great price. Odds are your home professional is a Siteline partner. After you have made your selections, sit down with them and go over your choices. They will be happy to place your order and once confirmed Siteline will get busy building your custom style cabinets which will arrive at your door ready to be installed in a fraction of the time that it would take with traditional custom build options.

When you are ready to get started, head over to the Siteline website and start looking around. With thousands of possible combinations, you are sure to be able to find the perfect cabinets for your space, taste, and lifestyle. Remember that Siteline makes it easy so that you can easily make it beautiful!

Sussex Healthcare – New CEO

Sussex Healthcare is a leader in the care industry. They specialize in caring for the sick and elderly, their care centers have been nationally renowned in the United Kingdom. The independent company with over 20 locations have served patients who require long-term care for over 2 decades. They began services in 1985.

Since the beginning, they have offered a variety of special services that improve the quality of life for every patient. Their residents enjoy customized health plans that suite their needs. The physical and mental needs are always met and the caregivers offer their service and assistance around the clock. When patients near the end of their life they experience the optimum care and attention each facility has to offer in order to increase their comfort and ease their passing. Sussex Healthcare is caring, compassionate, and attentive.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor has recently been named the new CEO of Sussex Healthcare. Hiring her has shown the company’s dedication to improvement and consistent quality. In all operations of the company they are considering ways to improve their services. As the new CEO she brings a new yet familiar dimension of creativity and excellence. She has experience in the company and started her career in healthcare in 1984. She was working as a service manager and eventually became a managing director and developing director.


The fully trained staff at Sussex Healthcare has been professionally prepared to handle the elderly and disabled. The care facilities are optimized for the comfort and care of each patient. The personal care given to each patient is a common point of interest for prospective residents. Sussex Healthcare offers physical therapy sessions with a personal trainer for each resident and the staff recognizes the need for individual care and attention. The modern gym and upgraded facilities make living at Sussex Healthcare facilities an amazing experience.

CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor has gone the extra mile to make sure the staff has been trained to take care of people living with many conditions. Indeed, there are many ailments that Sussex Healthcare professionals are trained to care for. Some of the common disorders that care staff take care of include Alzheimer’s Disease, neurological disorders, and mental impairments. They encourage patients to engage in art therapy, physical rehabilitation, and nutritional improvement plans. They provide access to an upgraded pool for hydrotherapy to improve patients’ muscular coordination, posture, and balance. Sussex healthcare is the premium healthcare choice for families considering care for their loved ones.